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I Had No Clue It Was Valentines Day Part 2

 Continued From I Had No Clue It Was Valentines Day Part  I
I was just in time to get my taste back, I wanted something sweet to eat
I continued walking until I reached the place that I have gone the day before
I walked the length and breadth of street absorbing the magnificent scent
And the enigmatic scene of beautiful flowers lining the street
relaxed me
That’s why I went back
Yet not one word of Valentine’s Day was mentioned to remind me of that special day
I walked and gazed at the flowers looking for something special
Until I pounced upon a little rose corner and a natural gift wrapper,
Red rose, pink rose and purple flowers bundle up together
Still no word of valentine day was uttered by the way
I start searching for a special flower; I knew the smell and shape
But I could not remember its name
It looked like the chrysanthemum but it wasn’t the chrysanthemum
It came from the same family but it had a different history
I kept walking along the endless street until my feet started to ached
When I couldn’t complete the journey
I turned down an alley to break the monotony
But the same flowers were scattered in the back
There was no way that I was going to escape from the same routine in this little town
I continue searching for that special flower but it was not around
Suddenly a little girl shouted out “what is the name of that flower mom”
I turned around to see if it was a clue to what I was looking for
But it was just a rose still it didn’t dawn on me that it was Valentine’s Day
Was I all that detached or was it that I have neglected the simple things in life?
I returned without a flower in my hand but kept looking as I walked along
Suddenly some pots of chrysanthemum caught my anxious eyes
I walked over and examined the flowers and the marigold
with its unique smell was hidden among the crowd of chrysanthemum
I inquired about the price and it was doubled
So I walked away and kept searching for something cheaper
Further down the stretch I found a few more pots that blended in with the chrysanthemum
If I did not look closely at the color, I would have made the wrong assumption
Why the marigold was so scarce superstition was flying in the air
The young lad gave me a price but I talked him down and gave him the price it was worth
It took a long time to select one but I wanted to be sure that I had the right one
I grabbed my pot of marigold and walked proudly away that very hour
It was as if I was on a mission before the next hour
I held the pot of flower in my hands and tried to get home
But the spirit had me wandering around on the other side of town
I walked proudly down the street with my pot of flower
but some people appeared petrified at my marigold
Some stared while others whispered
I wonder what they were saying
I didn’t care and I didn’t want to hear
Still no mention was made of Valentine’s Day
They looked at me with awe as if I was a mystery
I kept walking and had no intention to go to the bank
But the sprit led me to the agriculture bank
I couldn’t understand what was going on
It’s as if somebody was leading me on
I stopped and asked for directions;
One man told me that it was a hundred meter away
But I walked too far and must have gone astray
I should not have gone to that bank
So the brave sprit led me to a bigger one
I passed by a television station and was going to ask for further directions
But I went into a little shop because it was more proper
I kept walking until a woman crept up behind me
And started talking to me
She was curious about my marigold and she was very bold
She said in her village it is used to celebrate the dead
I wish if she had said something about Valentine’s Day instead
I told her that in different culture flowers have different meaning
It all depends on what you are reading
She showed me the way to the big agriculture bank
It was a long walk but the spirit kept walking on
It made its final destiny to appease the souls and find its way back home
I walked along the overpass bridge and placed my flower pot on the ridge
And looked at the traffic flowing beneath me
Everything happened so fast, mystery and culture danced together in the dark
I went to the ATM in the agriculture bank and made a quick transaction
I returned home and still I did not hear the word Valentine’s Day
I placed the pot of flowers on the table in the bed room
When I woke up the next day the horrible story on the news
Reminded me that the day before was Valentine’s Day
My blood ran cold and it took some time for me to absorb the story
I had no clue it was Valentine’s Day!
The spirit led me and I obeyed!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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