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Honey Bee Flying Around In Winter

I have been reluctant to pen this verse 
Because I don't understand what it was all about
I have been reluctant to pen this verse
Because I don't want anyone to  get hurt
Morning comes and evening goes
And everyone is looking for an easy way to end the show
But the icing will not go on the half baked cake  
Unless the details are sound practical and clear
Year after year it has been the same
Using innocent lives for political gains
What happen to the humanity 
Your self-absorb and heartless plans have ruined your dignity
I have been reluctant to pen this verse
Because the message came from mother earth
They are scattered everywhere so you better beware
Yesterday I sat in streets watching the sun shining brightly from the East
spreading its beam all over the land exposing  perpetrators 
and harnessing the dictators
It burns through the  promiscuous  sky
waving its hands as it passes by 
sitting on top of  the tower waiting for that appointed hour
It searches out the evil hearts that is dividing and pulling everyone apart
It shines with dignity while listening to the dishonesty 
I sat in the rich man's parking lot waiting on I don't know what
I was waiting on something very important to end the ruthless confusion
I sat patiently on the concrete edge waiting
Not even Vladimir and Estragon had that patience 
Godot didn't show up in the rich man's parking lot
But Godot did appear in the form of a cat.
I kept staring at the  blatant sun penetrating the cold 
and spreading its furious flames around
I don't know why I went there 
everything was cold and bare
Business had come to a stand still and there was no life or energy within
But as I showed up at that place morning came alive
and passion starts  running high
I warmed my cold feet and listened tentatively to my heart beat
All of of a sudden the parking lot start filling up
Dirty cars that has not been washed since the beginning of winter
was parked all over
They all look like the usual cars strolling up and down the street
Blocking traffic  and crowding the neighborhood street
and harassing  peaceful foreigners walking along the street
Suddenly  businesses comes alive  and start selling pudding and pies
Even the Russian was out parading in  his military hat and gown
I wonder what this guy was thinking by adorning  himself in a Russian coat
The music shops were getting customers they have suffered all winter
America is a global pretense  
which is why she has lost most of her closest friends
She has people lined up for every occasion and for every difficult situation
Life and death resides on the tip of her tongue
this dissimulation  will not last long
I sat there patiently watching the  stubborn morning unfolding
Fake shoppers  filling up the parking lots
Spending money that they have not got
This seems to be a normal pattern 
When America is trying to make an impression
This is downright deception that has infiltrate the mother land
I sat on the concrete edge waiting; waiting  patiently for something 
Warming up my hands and feet and praying for the journey to complete
Suddenly a dirty jeep came speeding down the parking lot
and a white man emerged  from inside coughing and spitting on my side 
He knew that I was sitting there but he just did not care
But something in my Spirit cried out no! 
It's perhaps the best way to end the miserable show
He grabbed a little boy from the back of the jeep
and  head straight into the cafe
If he was in Singapore he would be fined for how much I don't know
for coughing and spitting at strangers in the street
I did not let it bother me at first I felt offended
But like everything else I allow  my Spirit to sucks it in
Everything seems to be coordinated; it was unnatural and fabricated
Who is behind the mascaraed it must have been someone in high authority
Everyone is familiar with this same old dirty game.
Everywhere you go the pattern is the same
There was one man  walking from store to store
wearing an orange shirt  and wielding a little child about
His rhythm was abnormal and he too was playing games
It  is a shame that they use children in these dangerous games
I kept my eyes on the sun while waiting on the gun
Suddenly a woman crossed my path wearing a fancy leopard coat
she crosses directly in front of me and went to another shop
I  sat there waiting, waiting on what I don't know
Then another woman  wearing a blue tea-shirt tucked inside her over coat
she greeted me with a smile as she passed by
She went her way and drove quietly away
I still sat their waiting,waiting on I don't know what
The woman in the leopard coat crossed my path a second time
causing me to raise an alarm
I wish I knew what it was all about
Who are these people flirting upon and down the town
Everywhere I go I see them on the bus on the trains
In the perking lots and around the bend
They even use mentally derange men and women
to antagonize and harass people in the street
What is it they are hoping to achieve?
Just as I thought about it
A honey bee came out of nowhere and land on my left shoulder
It crawled up and down my coat then flew to the ground
I looked for it but I could not find it
The message had arrive and land on me in plain sight
I went back to the my truck and a white man rushed out of a white car
Asking me a silly question if I saw who ran in the back of his car
Immediately I knew that he was one of the county harasser
I politely answered no and went in my truck
I came out of the truck and left the door open
and went back to where I was sitting
I stood there for a while then returned to the truck
There I found the bee buzzing around
I caught it in my cup and place a paper over it
But it burst out and flew  all around  my truck
I drove away with the  buzzing bee in the truck and returned to the house
When I open the door it flew away and disappeared in the air
Honey bee buzzing around in winter has
strong symbolic meaning in many cultures 
and can be traced to the Druid, Celtic, 
Greek and Roman culture
They say that honey bee  symbolizes money and  personal power
The power of the sun and the power of the Goddess
What ever it was its a good omen 
The bee brought a message of hope 
and perhaps that was the message I was waiting for
Honey bee flying around in Winter is somewhat peculiar

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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