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Heated Back

I woke up suddenly with a burning sensation in my back
It felt as though my whole body was on fire and literally I was sweating all over. I took off the covers to appease my immediate desire but my neck and my shoulder stiffens and I could not turn my head to the left or to the right. I rocked my shoulder from side to side and whisper a silent prayer. The message has been delivered over and over but everything had fallen on deaf and stubborn ears. I have not had this strange sensation before so I got off the bed and looked through the window and saw the sun getting bigger and bigger and the temperature becoming hotter and hotter. I wonder what was going on inside? is there some secret wrapped up on the other side? I paused and think awhile and search deeply within for another answer, and a soft voice hanging over my head said, “You have already gotten the answer, it is on your bed”
Not a sign of rain in clouds, not one bird scampering on the ground
And there is only dryness all around, dryness penetrating the walls
And towns, while the humming birds are having a secret brawl.
I have always had this bold vision that the universe is wrapped up 
in one, we are one big ball spinning in a circle looking for a safe landing on the other side of the sand. Yes, I see it, and I can feel it
Mankind with his untamed motion lacks the basic common devotion, and his boats are sinking in the ocean. The universe contains everything in it, the ocean the insect and the great big fish
It embodies the pentagon, the hexagon, the triangle and the quadrangle .Everything is wrapped up in one glorious sight and moon and stars are dancing merrily with delight .
The music is playing quite loudly and men in jackets and tie are walking down the corridors with stiff necks, carrying briefcase, and folders. Not a grin on their faces not a smile on their shirts
The trees are rocking to and fro and the birds are sitting in the gallery anxiously anticipating the scramble 
Hearts pumped up with blood, waiting for the mighty flood.
It is that part me that won’t let me be me go
But I have come face to face with myself that I am still alive and I am not dead. I have to lay the ground work for a better future so that the universe can have a better tomorrow. 
I searched deep down within to unravel the orator of my soul
So that I can finally face my music and stand up and be bold
The left and the right must unite and end the vivacious fight
I must change my behavior and do what is right
I must speak the truth, no matter if they call me a fool
This is the only to avoid sinking deeper in the cesspool
I have figure this out from long ago but the media liked the show
Which is why I could not let go?
Now that I can see the gallows hanging high above me
And I can feel my pants falling off me
The weather is calm but the horses are kicking up the storm
The heat is raging and the fire is burning
The universe has finally surrender
To its promiscuous behavior 
At last I can stretch out my feet and have a good nights sleep.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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