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Hawkings Paradox

“Another game?”
“Yes, I think so but let’s change
the rules. What if we create some
holes in the game, three or four
perhaps with parallel endings?”
“Yes, I think that would be fun.”

Who predetermines the rules? 
What if you step over a crack in the sidewalk, 
And the rules become inverted 
Finding you are younger than when 
You walked out the door in the morning?.
Unable to remember exactly where you are
At this moment. Unnerving. Like a giant
Pinball game, worlds flicker from one
Universe to another, bouncing off
Each other into the vast chaos
Of empty space-time. A troubling thought
When everything has to be so ordered.
Measured to an infinite set of 
Rational equations that spin themselves
Out to the edges of galaxies seen from a million
Light years. Stretched taut across the sky, and
Still we expand the search.

What if there are monsters and jesters sulking 
About the universe? Existing on parallel planes 
Where we play out endings for their
Amusement. They move us like chess pieces
On a game board, further into the
Blackened heavens, expanding outwards and
Beyond to what we comprehend as our 
Very existence. Game pieces moved
Against a clock as we wander the 
Night sky to the back streets of the universe 
Asking is there anyone out there?  
Always the same questions,
Always with different answers.

How far is far enough? Perhaps we are
Moving on a river, afloat in endless space.
Travelers searching for the shoreline
And a place that seems vaguely familiar, trying to
Recall where we were a few moments ago.
Anything is possible. What if the journey 
Takes forever? And we find ourselves standing
At the abyss of space being sucked into
One of the game’s black holes, 
Able to view our beginning in our end. 
A tiny speckle of an atom floating alone 
In nothingness. All we have ever known 
Is reconstituted in the spinning hole, 
Billions of thoughts wallpapered; nothing
Ever lost. We speculate, conjuring up theories
With eloquent additions and subtractions, and all
We can do is hope for the best. A game played
Over and over, with no rules, no winner. 
Hawking’s Paradox.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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