Happiness and Racism

Mark Scott-Crossley 
and Simon Mathebula
Tied up Nelson Chisale
and beat him with machetes

dumping him in
with white lions
Africa Learned 
to hate the Whites

Yet this is only
one white farmer
should we hate 
all the people 

for the act of one man
to easily do we attack
the colour of a mans skin
do the crime do the time

but don't blame others 
for the act of another man
you ask that we should apologise
for the acts of our ancestors

I ask you why?
why; should I apologise
for the act of my great grandfather,
I did not, do what he did, 

I am not responsible, for his crimes,
should you apologise, 
for the acts of your Great grandfather,
perhaps he was a cannibal,

perhaps in the the past,
he ate somebodys ancestor,
yet, do we do ask you,
to apologise for him

so why do you ask us,
to apologise, 
for the acts of our ancestors,
Hate the man who did the crime,

not the colour of his skin,  
Black people,
have also been responsible for evil,
murder and rape, happen in all cultures,

You don't expect us to hate you,
for the act of your brothers,
so why should you hate us, 
for the acts of other whites,

blame the person, 
that did the crime,
not the colour, 
of a mans skin,

Every day, 
I get up and try 
to help people,
try to teach others,

That happiness is created 
with a sense of humour,
learn to joke have fun with people, 
and the world becomes a happier place.

Yet even a sense of humour
can become twisted
people laugh at the expense 
of someone else

learn to laugh with people
learn to joke in away 
that builds happiness
without hurting others

To hate all Americans is racism
To Hate all Jews is racism
To hate all Africans is racism
all cultures have good and bad people

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 3/14/2017 8:01:00 PM
Amen. :) peace love and poetry xomo
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