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hahahahaha i have no idea what to title this

help mrs. muse is gone and my mind is shooting blanks 
my friend called inspiration is trying to walk the plank 

motivation just married mr lazy 
and confidence started acting really crazy 

cousin common sense is on vacation out of town 
and aunt intelligence is nowhere to be found 

uncle rational is at the casino gambling his life away 
and my best friend happiness never wants to stay 

my neighbor opportunity doesnt knock on my door anymore 
and my girlfriend love is really just a whore 

my partner pride is always full of himself 
and sister sympathy is busy with someone else 

grandpa wisdom is smart enough not to say a word 
and grandma compassion is seen but never heard 

the only friends that ever come to town 
is anger and disgust and they always hang around 

my high school sweat heart infatuation doesnt really call 
and my childhood friend imagination doesnt exist at all 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2012

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Date: 12/2/2016 9:16:00 PM
Nice write, John, enjoyed reading Hugs Eve
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Date: 5/28/2013 9:55:00 AM
LOl. Congrats on your win. AO
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Date: 5/27/2013 6:55:00 AM
very creative....congrats on a fine win
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Date: 5/27/2013 4:52:00 AM
Many Congratulations xx
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Date: 5/26/2013 8:15:00 PM
Enjoyed reading this poem. Congrats.
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castro Avatar
john castro
Date: 5/27/2013 3:46:00 AM
Date: 5/26/2013 7:12:00 PM
Congratulations John; A fun read and all that jazz. "All that Jazz" Maybe I accidentally came up with a title. LOL
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Date: 5/26/2013 6:57:00 PM
Congrad's on your win. Light & Love
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Date: 1/21/2012 6:34:00 AM
Oh my goodness this one is so outstanding with its personifying art....I like what someone wrote below...entitle it...Mrs. Muse is on the Run...I feel like I am trying to catch all the characters that have split as I read down the poor heart rate is above 100 bpm..ha ha. A new favorite here, John. Gotta love this one!! Gwendolen
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Date: 1/20/2012 7:52:00 AM
BIG WIN! That is awesome! I have no clue what you should name it though. sorry. :)
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Date: 1/18/2012 12:17:00 PM
Have a HAPPY and COLORFUL day John,you can do it!! - oxox love Anne-Lise
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Date: 1/11/2012 11:21:00 AM
I enjoyed this piece John. Love your humor as always. I agree with Carrie, you should keep the title as is! Best wishes Em :)
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Date: 1/9/2012 10:55:00 PM
I LIKE This, hmmm, what to call it?? I just don't know but I am sure you can think of something with your talent for cleverness!
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Date: 1/7/2012 5:59:00 PM
This is a great write John! 7up ya'll and added to my favorites... Your great grandma Witty Win E. showed up for this poem!
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Date: 1/5/2012 11:42:00 PM
LOL! Love this..I would title it, "Runaway Muse"! or "Muse MIA" : ) Awesome write! Love, annalise
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Date: 1/5/2012 9:18:00 AM
I think you should keep the title as it is.....that is what caught my attention!!! :) What a clever write, and fun to read!
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Date: 1/5/2012 9:09:00 AM
How about "Reality Sucks"? What a creative verse, gets my juices going when I read it as there is so much to identify with. This should be a featured poem for all to find! :)
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Date: 1/4/2012 7:26:00 PM
I really like this one John...How about "Words I Recall"? Or "Words Of Meaning" I don't care I'm Fav-ing it.I think its great.
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castro Avatar
john castro
Date: 1/5/2012 12:11:00 AM
words of meaning i like im trying to think of something clever lol dont know yet lol
Date: 1/4/2012 6:57:00 PM
well I found this poem full of (a)mus (ing)words and inspiration- thoroughly enjoyed this write, Brenda
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