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Franciscan Swissophiles

part of my own historic root system,
has a Bill of Rights for vegetation,
protecting rights of intrinsic dignity
with concomitant human respect for their healthy and aesthetic purposes.
It is not OK to merely throw away 
without regard for future seedling’s rights of vital procreation
within holistic ecologically-systemic balance of cooperative species.

More recently,
Pope Francis has been protecting rights of sacred dignity,
with concomitant human respect for healthy polycultural purpose,
rather than throwing away our wildflower vegetation,
our GLBTQ AlphaMeta Networking Soup,
our women and Earth’s poor and marginalized,
whether incarnating as humane-potentiating nature,
or other forms of networking nature.

It’s sad to discover your ego’s reflecting label 
as a needy one
a greedy one for two or even more,
to need active love more global than anyone
you could ever dare to know.

Pope Francis,
permaculturally principled developers everywhere,
Swiss vegetation,
what is and is not naturally embryonic
about regenerating within as without Landscapes,
before and after health,
above and below (0)-zone economies,
this divine race through bilateral time’s vulnerably edgy emergence,
zeroistic revolution simplifying ecological poli-economics.

Mutual respect for all life systems
to co-mentor with RNA’s extended family Elders,
sustainable regenerating healthy love
for all Earth’s Tribes of synergetic life,
interior as exterior climate-balancing,
Sacred Tao,
ReGenerating BiCameral EcoSystems,
speaking EcoLogic’s RNA/DNA Syntax
as Universal Polynomially Balanced Language,
permacultural principles networking polycultural multi-vegetative love 
as beautiful health outcomes.

Yet it remains hard to play life’s prodigy
without prodigal influx of divine trust
in regenerative lust for deep time
through mutual health-caring love,
when taking care of beloved vegetation
invites co-therapeutic love returns of love economics
as loving love’s Other (0)-Soul Balancing EgoSelves.

Active Love in RealTime vegetative networks
is not spiritualized absence of thinking.
Active love is anticipating our becoming co-redeemers
co-arising Bodhisattva ProGenitors
stretching toward enlightenment
to continue diurnal worship of SunGod HealthyLove.

Active love awakens incarnate lifetimes
to bilateral empathy as poli-economic beauty,
on whose Attendance we can evolve,
nature nurturing permacultural investments
of Ego’s mindbody.

We love
with Earth
to remember our DNA/RNA eco-belonging principles 
of Active NetWorking Love;
this web languaging time’s regenerative intent
and degenerative climatic great transitional discontented
root systemic,
and otherwise dysfunctionally noisy lack of Love Management.

It feels important to see oneself
as greedy for beloved prodigy of self-esteem,
to intentionally know love for more than any one Ego-species system
you would ever care to polyculturally grow.

NetWorking Bills of TransParent Rights
regeneratively rooted in human nature
now disencultured
disengaged from RNA’s nutritional memories of health v. pathology
as economic wealth 
as equitable fertile inclusive outcomes
for all life's co-vegetating networked species.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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