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Father Time's Surprising Taoist Intimations

Tell me, Father Time, if you would share this space it would mean everything to me to us, so kind, which forms of integrative diversity incarnate your highest priority, most comprehensive, social-political-economic-cultural issues: 1. Domestic economy flat-line trends, 2. International peace intent and praxis, 3. Universally perpetually optimizing CQI health care practices and standards of outcome-production value, 4. Eco-centric and -logical regenerative revelation in response to climatic, yet chronic, changes, unbalanced monoculturating times, evolutionary paradigmatic as polydigital-language trending symbiotic evolution? Yes! timelessly offered lifeskills Master Time. Trying again: In the unlikely event that you have the capacity to give a straight answer to an eco-political question, theoretically far afield from your more temporal concerns, Which of these four options best fits your crystal-ball signs of cultural impact, empowerment, fullness, critical climatic co-responsiveness to Quinnipiac College survey synergetic trends across most likely voters in our next national election? Oh, so glad you finally said so. Let's see... Number One is too sad and hopeless at either national or international levels, but maybe if we interpreted "domestic" as 'familial" and/or 'local" or even "genetically tribal exegetical branches and root systems of eco-enriching in-co-arising-formination." It's against our real time language rules to make up language that does not meet exe-culturating standards. I would respond, but I hardly know where to begin reiterating the total number of double-negative standards within your un-natural logos. This has always been a problem for me, knowing where to begin, to end, to continue our story. Anyway, Number Two glares too starry-eyed for prickly realists, academics, attorneys and pyramid-structured financial insurance agents, for struggling real property commodifiers and landlords, and ladies, of Earth's Commons. Number Three is too "liberal-Clinton" associated, in the U.S., which is one of the few places on Earth where health-assurance continues to be a debated political and economic issue, rather than an Earth Health Rights environmentally inclusive ecological imperative to respond to global critically screeching wilting, extinguishing, refuge-seeking demands. Number Four speaks most clearly to our stormy TransMillennial emergence generation, syncing health as following eco-centric polycultural network optimization trends of YangForm with YinFunction. So, for young adults through infants of all currently incarnating and co-evolving species, I suggest Number Four, to optimize culturally transformative healthy wealth clout-- both effective health outcomes evinced through Best Permacultural Practice research, deductive-empowered, and anthro-epic mythic-rooted definition for Beloved Climaxing Unto Near Diastatic, Eco-Centric Community, with concomitant Positive Psychology, communication reiterating-regenerating co-arising trends for and from public/private discernment, reductive harmony meets inductive prediction. Internal, like external, climatic change continues to forewarn we are over-armed with mutually intended ballistics while under-anchored with mutually co-arising ballastic in-formation; organic Earth's co-intelligent red sky points both dusk and dawn of this co-operating local/global economic network. It is like pulling wisdom teeth without appropriately timed and functional anesthetics to follow your run-on temporal syntax. Father Time, your words are too dense for normal neural travel. If you were consulting a potential political policy to empower globally inclusive economic incubation, which of the following four options is your strategic choice for mentoring Earth's residents as faithfully and lovingly and effectively and regeneratively as possible through our internal and external climatic need for positive healthy enculturing revolution, designed to logistically deliver sustainable health outcomes through life's projected eternity on planet Earth: 1 Eco-normic thermodynamic political balance? 2. Increasing healthy multisystemic ecotherapeutic relationships between bio- and eco-systems? 3. Achieving an exegetically accepted eco-logical polycultured metaparadigm of analogic-steering Fullerian Midway Tipping Points as permacultural Yang/Yin co-operative harmonic wu-wei discernment for ego/eco-climaxing regenerative outcomes, 4. (0)-square-root sprouting our metaphysical spacetime ego/eco-consciousness on, in, of, by, through bicameral 4-prime fractal regenerate RNA-rooted co-arising intelligence? Cultural history might suggest reiterating prior cycles of spiral-octave cultural evolution: Number One gifts our nondual future with TransParent NegErgodic Co-Gravitational Cosmology, giving birth to RNA as Host of bilateral Time's awareness (that's my familial line). Number Two erupts RNA eventually spawning Left-brain ego-dominant deductive-languaged DNA's lexicon of Yang/Yin double-fractal Zero-Centric octave sets of frequency, placeholders of confluently exegetical positive/negative synaptically reiterative transgenerational memory. Number Three barters co-operative political relationships with co-arising economic optimization, Us-Them [P=N(NP)] Win-Win Gaming Tree on WWW's Earth-as-Universe balanced electromagnetic binary-bi-nomial form and function unitarian languaged mainframing redundant information discernment systems. Number Four yet emerges a Positive-C (or "e" or "P") evo-logical language balancing Time's timeless Right-brain love of symmetric pattern and fractal-holonic rhythm frequencies double-boundaried, self-justifying implicate order of negentropic dia-syntax, bi-cytosine as Not(Not-Uracil) uniting +U/(+/-)C-fractal defining SpaceTime's 4-prime bi-equivalency, sustaining enculturation's cooperative economics with co-arising Win-Win political=power primal Tao (temporally bilateral and dipolar) co-relationship.

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