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Ever Hope to Know

We ain't lived the blues yet
How the hell would we know
We ain't been there dying
How the hell would any of us 
Ever hope to know

We never even felt it
The hunger and the crying
The orphans and the widows
We only heard the lying
How the hell would we know

Shelter from the storm
Shelter for the dog
Shelter for the garbage
How the hell would any of us
Ever hope to know

Does your greed take control
Is your heart on the wall
Is it always on your mind
Is your mercy hiding out
Is your memory hard to find

Take it to the finder
You'll need it for the test
Take it to the maker
He's apt to bar the door
Take it to your momma

Take it to the smithy
You know what he does
He sharpens all the iron
He knows what to use
You know what he uses

Your story's out
You're on the run
You think you got the blues
You think you got a reason
You think you know the news

You ain’t really got a reason
You ain't really got the blues
Seven pairs of shoes
You ain't got the news
You ain't heard it yet

Your momma got the blues
She raised you better than that
You'd rather frolic
A feather in your hat
How the hell would you know

Jimmy Brown would tell you
And the little shoe shine boy
The little dark haired boy
They all want something better
They can taste the blues

They got a reason
They know where it's at
They can hear the blues
Might walk another path
If they had some shoes

Heaven knows there are two
And yes, there's still time
Rosemary and Sage
And yesterday's wine
Tomorrow is a long time

Sell the news in heaven
Shining in the shade
Or on the hit parade
They'll always have the blues
They'll always have it made

You can take a ball and chain
And tie it to your blues
You'll never slow it down
You'll never see it drag
It won’t even know

You can't shake the blues
It's like a big oak tree
Not a bird would feel it
Not a leaf would fall
No acorns at all

What makes you think
You got the blues
Not a thorn in sight
Seven pairs of shoes
You think you got the blues

No shadows anywhere
Not a cross to bear
Life more than fair
Not a soul to save
Why should you care

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 9/9/2015 1:39:00 AM
Great thoughts Tim when we think we have it bad their are others who have it much worst. No complaining here. Nicely written, enjoyed reading,
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