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End This All

I feel infected, by your dread precense.
Your love defected, causes all to wince.
I'll turn your promises, into lies.
I'll forget our differences, when I hear your cries.
Sticks and stones, I'll break your bones.
You're so blind, could you stop my blade?
Have you lost your mind, for your life begins to fade.
I'll take everything, from your empty eyes.
Oh the joy we sing, as your heart dies.
The fear in your voice, encourages my laughter.
You made your choice, what is it you're after?
I'll end this all, I promise you my dear.
Do you heed the call, as Death comes near?
I'll take your love, and break your heart.
Is this the worst pain you think of, as I rip you apart.
Suffocate the light, for you're now dead.
Just give up your fight, as I spill your red.
One more time, I'll take everything you've ever loved.
You pay for your crime, oh my sweet beloved.
I tried to make it through, all of your lies.
Now I laugh at you, I laugh at your cries.
I don't care, if you left us all behind.
Your empty stare, leaves us nothing to find.
I swear, I loved you as you shined.
You're now a darkened star, in the night sky.
You're now a regretful scar, as you now die.
I know I died, I know you killed me.
So hard I've tried, but now you'll see.
Your whining can never cease, my hatred cannot stop.
I can never get peace, until I watch you drop.
Every promise you broke, tore at me.
I'll watch as you choke, on my animosity.
Yet I never walked away, from this game you play.
For I choose to stay, as you finally pay.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 10/11/2009 9:09:00 AM
I have read your amazing poetry today and enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing with us Steven. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Love, Carol
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