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Dream Sanctuaries

I dream into my Ta(0)ist not-Universal Yang equals not-Unitarian Yin Sanctuary, expecting to be greeted by visions of familiar spiritual apartheid. But I am not. Instead, communion in this Sanctuary looks and resounds, feels and resonates with multicultural communities outside, tilting GoldenRule windmills, bowing toward Eastern nondual rainbows, surfing NewMoon Matriotic Myths, but also reflecting on YangSun EcoLogos Energy. In our religious education classes we are longing to see polyphonic UniveralYang-UniteYinYin in natural-spirituality of all creations developing spirals of color, multicultures Evolving Species in WinWin ultra-violet races and regimes away from apartheid dualdark supremacies, unfair and unnecessary and non-therapeutic choices between those who still await: Jehovah's YangYin Harmonic Witness, Rastafarian Bodhisattva Unitarians, Congregationalist-Tribal FirstNative GoldenRule Ecological Creolizers, Universal Catholic Patriarch-Matriarch CoOperativism, Disciples of ZeroZen CoRedemptive CoMessiahship, Christian DeepSacred Ecological Scientists and PolyPathic ReStorative Missionaries and Peace as Justice Nonviolence Corps. And so it went, on and on. Apartheid of deformative bad-civil trust communities, headed toward fascist separations of what we once celebrated around HolySpirit cooking fires as Sacred ZeroZen notnot Truth of BeautyLight as not some angry patriarchal (0)Sum monoculturing GalacticLight repeating "I eco-win so you ego-lose" God of Degenerative Apartheid Tolerance, leaving some with too much shade. Rather than HolonicSpirit of WinWin YangSun God with YinGaia GoldenRule and Ratio and Elixir of EcoPolitical Robust Nutritional Communion, Communities for multicultural baptisms reborn again into Ego-EcoBalancing CoEnlightenment of an anti-apartheid healthy permaculturing child with sufficient abundance to notnot thrive toward polyphonic WinWin resolutions. I asked these PostMillennial young adults, some with children, some with diverse partners surprising in age and racial-cultural, gender and transgender, diversity, where have all our WiseElders gone? There are no greyhairs or bald heads among them. Although I do notice some sky blue and royal purple and marine turquoise and hot spicy magenta and flaming barn redheads, without apartheid-fascist monoculturing alarm among our diversely colored selves. They respond, As we mature in deep ego-ecological therapeutic experience, we usually feel called back to pre-millennial spiritual roots, especially as churched or templed or synagogued or tabernacled or cathedraled among natural-spiritual mentors. Sometimes we are called out in diminutive democratic teams and cooperative partnerships to co-invest with remaining Independent First Baptists, and African Methodists, Seventh Day Adventists, BornAgain Evangelicals of healthier, not anti-ecological, nor anti-historical, natural-spiritual dipolar nutrition and energy-democracy developers. In these our root communion Commons with Earth's sacred universal nature, we reweave unity between WinWin and WinLose ReCreation Narratives of YangYin DoubleBinding anti-apartheid Unitarian Communions of GoldenRules and WinWin Gospel Creeds worshiped by dancing divine HolySpirit-Natures spiraling-octave-octane Light at speed of CoArising (0)Tao-UU fractal-squared CoreCommons ConScientiousness. I ask if this re-incursion into FirstNative GoodFaith Communities is with colonizing-predative intent or even as retributive-punishing malcontents, or within creolizing-matriotic co-listening invitation for restoring therapeutic healthy outcomes for all EarthTribes. They respond We do not fight apartheid past deformations by competitively re-investing in apartheid-separatist-competing futures in the way we speak and listen with each other, the way we walk together, the cooperative WinWin flying and swimming choices we invest in to gather healthier racing and gendering and happiness futures, to retain love open boundaried ego-eco inter-relationships of secularLeft co-defining sacredRight CommonWealth. So who teaches these CommonWealth Children? We do, though not so much here in this UU-Taoist incubator, but mainly at home retelling and reweaving WiseElder Stories of how we reinvest YangSun with YinEarth together TrueBeauty again, PolyPathic experience reweaving permaculturing memories and restoring PositivEnergy health-trends in every HereNow paradigmatic breath in each regime of spiral feeling toward ecopolitically WinWin co-operating co-governing our Common Taoist not quite so much YangUniversal co-arising a bit more YinUnitarian Identity Sacred deep ego-ecologically balancing HealthYang-WealthYin working together Left with equivalent Right as PolyPathic notU-notU are to PolyPhonic YangYin Octaves holonic fractal squares of spiraling revolutions in ego-eco governance until Yang's darkly competitive alarm awakes restoring resonant calm of dawn's new post-millennial anti-apartheid divine-humane co-enlightenment.

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