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Do You Remember

I woke up this morning feeling vigorous and strong 
Even though I had lost some sleep, I could still feel my heartbeat
I took a shower, and got dressed and stared at the morning sky
I gazed at the tall buildings beyond me and whisper a silent prayer then bid them goodbye, 
I sense them waving at me but they could not see me
I bounced the ball along the street down to the train station
I bounced it all over the town and everyone stared at me as if I was some form of mystery 
My spirit is free my mind is steady and I have no baggage to carry. I feel ready for something, but I didn’t know what I was ready for
I was waiting to go somewhere but I didn’t know where
I was waiting to meet someone but I didn’t know who
The bouncing ball resonate a message in itself but gravity embrace the story. 
I bounced the ball in space and I held tightly to the gate
I stood on my mark and waited for the gun to fire.
Amidst the confusion, the noise and the chatter I held my ground and waited for destiny to be crowned.
I continued bouncing the ball around, and the more I bounced it the more I feel the energy pumping up inside me 
I saw you standing in front of me smiling
And some things start to unfold and my spirit spoke quietly:
Do you remember the first time when you started this journey?
How innocent and charming you looked
Oh yes you are still charming, but I mean back then
There was just something special and appealing about you that I couldn’t resist
No it wasn’t your eyes or your lips, it was that part of you that says so much about you, and yes it was that innate desire to challenge the obstacles and become the most unique person in the world
Yes I remember how you were enthusiastic and strong 
Big heart, big smiles and a wisdom that no one could unearth 
You remember the first time you started this journey
How determined how courageous you were?
The whole world admired you 
And some people were crazy about you, 
Jealousy used to run high and it brood tension in the sky
 And on many occasion I had to step in and part a fight
Yes they were fighting over you, everyone wanted to control you
Remember when you started this journey
How you were riding high, everyone liked you
 And the mass was following you
Your mind was strong and your courageous spirit
Catapult you up the gigantic mountain 
The ocean could not contain you
And there was none to withstand that stamina in you
The rivers never run dry and there was always food to buy
Your words had substance and your presence was strong
And when you get up to speak everyone would come
Crawling on their knees, scores of people would line up to see you
And they you would read them through and through
You were like a big ship sailing on the ocean
Loaded with goods which nobody could understood
The multitude would feared you and spectators in the gallery used to cheer with you
Yes I remember those innocent eyes staring at me while you were leaning at your father’s side. Yes you were ten, and I was three
Your dream was to travel and conquer the world 
So that everyone could have a share portion
And embrace your innate devotion
How much time has passed since then?
Oh no, it was just like yesterday  
Everything was so appealing and amusing
You woke up early and went to bed late
You spend hours going over the documents
To make sure that you weren’t late
You went from town to town
And from door to door stuffing envelopes
Knocking on doors shaking young people and old people’s hand
You worked night and day mobilizing the community with a high sense of duty
You build up the tent; you walk the halls at midnight
And you were persistent to do what was right
You have been trusted with an impossible task
That keeps you up after dark, 
Big circles around your eyes
And a hoarse voice and occasional coughs.
Yet you fight against the odds and you make up for the lost
Here I am looking at the ocean white yacht docked out near the sea
And here I am looking out at thee
 Big waves bashing against hard rocks
And the seagulls dancing merrily over my head
They dive into the sea snatch the little fish in their sharp beak
Then flew away gracefully in a rhythm that I could barely resist
We are creatures of the earth and the human race will experience  
A rebirth
When hearts are tough and donkeys are braying
I have never give up praying
The time has come and your real job has just began
It is the start of a brand new day

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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