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Deadbeat Side

O Aphrodite,
Grecian fertility goddess
Matriarch idol of the womb,
your wise children love not reproducing
— Ancient Zion chant
heard in the echo chambers
of the caverns along the Aegean sea

Dwindling cries, dashed on the rocks
in luxurious maternity wards,
are slowly dying 
The first joyous tear burst of life ...
alas, increasingly are less and less heard,
much too infrequently

The Garden of Eden edict
has been cast aside
“Be fruitful and multiply”
no longer is this the gold standard
to godly live by

It’s all black-and-white,
with no gray area of uncertainty
So who put the kibosh 
to the Paradise blessing decree?

I’m ashamed to say,
it’s the ivory deadbeat side of my human family
My distant kin
has gotten so bad seed crazy, alabaster lazy

Global census numbers don’t lie
It’s a down-to-earth fact,
not a spurious say-so!
The rice patty buns in the oven
are rising slow

Lily chalk stork cries, 
for conveinence sake,
are always tossed aside
Left to maternal tear dry
stillborn die

Again, the biological numbers 
tell the empirical evidence true story,
the umbilical inside skinny
Only question is: what’s the porcelain why?
My ivory deadbeat side of the family,
I don’t wanna hear 
no idle crap, ear-candy marshmallow alibi

Family branch of the ivory few,
your numbers have steadily been shrinking 
for a very long overdue lullaby time
The selfishness that you pursue,
got your troubled posterity so busy thinking — 
short-sightedness is a genetic crime 

It’s hard for me to tell you,
but you been laboring the least
Coming up way short 
in the maternity infant deliveries

Now why is it
that my ivory kin
gotta be so porcelain deadbeat

Only wanna do half-measure labor;
always up for laying down to some free love,
being an intimate good neighbor
Two sugar cubes who never choose 
a cuppa cold coffee no latte maybe
Then getting the decaffeinated pregnancy blues, 
not willing to pay 
the cost of having a priceless baby

My ivory deadbeat kin
don’t want none of that parental slave labor
They eschew being captive
to the never-ending enamel needs of a baby

There are sly reasons a-plenty
as to why the satin smile numbers don’t multiply
Snowflake lullabies ain’t many,
abortion closed the womb ... stifled any cradle cry

Oh, my ivory deadbeat side of humanity,
so many unwritten blank pages left womb empty

A word to the wise,
duly sent to my lazy alabaster kin:
make no empty quiver invest 
As the Morning Star arises from the east ...
tho’ your womb labor travail be the least,
dry fruit of a barren harvest
will be more than you can gather in
Fools never recognize

Vanilla biblical slackers
don’t wanna abibe by the Holy command
Gospel malware hackers
don’t wanna populate the Promised Land

Deadbeat birther eyes
won’t ever glimmer comply
to the Living words cast in die:
“Be fruitful and multiply”


Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 7/13/2018 9:33:00 PM
Smart and clever piece Freddie.. well done!
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Date: 7/13/2018 3:11:00 PM
Amazing poem, Freddie, so clever, i've read many poems on this particular theme, yet nothing quite as unique as this wonderful gem. Love this..
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Date: 7/13/2018 11:50:00 AM
This is why we write, Freddie; to enlighten others. The limited mind is such a barrier to the collective success of the human species. Just think what we could achieve without prejudice, bigotry, self-doubt, laziness and uncaring. Why does the human race insist on limiting itself? A well-penned poem, indeed; full of emotion and determination, it speaks volumes.
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Date: 7/13/2018 10:17:00 AM
What a unique theme this is, Freddie! I feel the urging words and emotions you invested in this poem to send a message. It rings loud and clear in your ending line:“Be fruitful and multiply”. Enhanced with choice verses, your poem shines.
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