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ON EVIL DOINGS I blame all of it, the evil doings, on boredom. It is a widely unrecognised source of wickedness. Unfortunately, it certainly is. The absence of purpose is not a lack of things to do, it is the basis of nearly all of tiresomeness and dullness. People these days need meaning in their lives, instead of sitting all day in front of a screen; watching reality shows or playing graphical violent games on it. They have to do something else and if they don’t they will pursue other pleasures, like *********** which is widespread and easy to get. Once evil devours the senses, then it will seek evil itself. Many individuals had their wrongdoings in their lives; without realising that in life there was a beauty. The best and most beautiful things in the world, It could not be seen or even touched by them. Loving another human being was like a beautiful flower, which one could not touch, but whose fragrance made the garden a place of delight just the same. They should have loved themselves for who they were, but instead, they were not happy from within. Probably they would have been the most beautiful persons if they did this, while their lives would have shown their best asset. Beauty has many forms, and the most beautiful thing was confidence and love. Loving is one of the best beauty remedies. If people had a good approach to life, they wouldn’t be severely judged. Love is a scary thing, and one never knows what's to happen. It is one of the most beautiful things, but it is one of the most terrifying. Many people have rejected love and turned to the wrong lanes of life. All humans have feelings, and if they were aroused by the touch of someone's hand, by the sound of music, by the smell of a flower, by a beautiful sunset, by a work of art, by love, by laughter, by hope and by faith; they all would have worked on both they're unconscious and the conscious aspects of themselves, but instead, they ended up with physiological consequences. When virtue and modesty tried to enlighten them, they saw nothing beautiful in the world. There was always something bothering them in the shape of a vicious heart. People who have a corrupt heart, never become part of a beautiful mind and have no stronger feelings, They would not consult the three beautiful emotions that a human could gain; and make a difference. Truth, mercy and hope. The theory of life is that life is beautiful. But life doesn’t change for anybody. They have a day, and they have a night, have a month and a year. These people change, become miserable. The most beautiful things are not associated with greed, vanity and lust; they have their memories and moments and waste them. They won't celebrate these three emotions, and love passes them by. The beauty of life is when humans appreciated everything but most don’t. They don’t even love themselves and that's when they become wicked and ugly. They do not believe that life isn’t always beautiful, and they miss out on its beautiful ride. If they considered a tree for a moment. As beautiful as trees are to look at, they will see what goes on the underground as they grew roots. Trees developed deep roots to grow strong and produce their beauty. But they don't see these roots. They just see and curse beauty. In much the same way, what goes on inside of them is badly infected roots. Maybe even people don’t understand; that one of the most beautiful qualities of living is to understand and to be understood, and when it comes to fear it don’t keep focused on the past or worried about the future. If one acknowledges their fears, then they could realize that they were on the right path of goodness. Their eyes might see the beautiful skies. Their ears might hear the voices of good people around them. These people have to keep looking up! If they don’t They would never learn from the past, they will never dream about the future and they will never stand tall. There's nothing like loving thy neighbour to end a healthy day. When living in a beautiful place they might enjoy the beauty of nature, the sunrise and the sunset, then even might live a near-perfect life. But they will miss out on the need to see their beauty and they will never be satisfied. The more they see the beauty around them, the charming and wonderful things, the more they become invisible to them. That is why they took for granted the beauty of this world like the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds and even those they loved. Because these people saw things so often, they saw them less and less. Persons have their own identities and beauty. Everyone is different and that is what is beautiful. If they were all the same, it will become boring. Most cursed people live under debris; and will never treat anyone they met as if they are going to be dead by the night. They will never extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding they could muster, and do it without thought of any reward. No matter what had happened to them in the past. it has no power to keep them from having an amazingly good future, but they will fail to do so completely. If they choose to be positive and have a grateful attitude, they will determine how they are going to live their lives.

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