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Cooperative Family Politics

I think he's talking about a cooperative bicameral political system, with "How to talk to the other side". And what could that possibly mean, dear Yang? Well, I was watching this Ted-talk from Marin, by Robb Willer, as I anciently recall, while reading George Lakoff's "Political Mind", still... Yes, dear, you really talk about Lakoff's ecopolitical organic-systemic mind a bit too much. I prefer opera. Speaking of what that could possibly mean, but, anyway, Yes, I was reading Lakoff and listening Willer, both probably influenced by Berkeley ecopolitical acclimation, now post-millennially evolving from Gregory Bateson's Sacred Ecology, which was also sometimes bicameral-appositionally structured to bilaterally invite both-and comparisons where LeftBrain dominance competes either-or survivalist evolutions. Now I couldn't possibly be more lost in your polysyllables where I prefer polypathic rhythms, jazzier occupier beats of revolution. This is starting to sound like an opera version of Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. So, as I was saying, this bicameral picture, from Lakoff, and Willer, and Bateson... I'm sorry, honey. Was that the Berkeley natural ecopolitical law firm you were reading, and watching? No! Not a law firm... Well, OK, whatever. As I was trying to say, the political version of natural ecological law string of reasoning draws a geopolitical frame of perennial competition between Patriarchal health and safety values for monocultural purity, and for patriotic-nationalistic loyalty, often reified down to militaristic aggression using encultured rhetorical models of and for WinLose evolutionary theology. Hang on, there, this feels like a rather bad review for our bicameral relationship, which I have always found more WinWin Positive, than, you know... too Yang Dominant inappropriately aggressive. Well, that's because you and I know how to co-mentor our caregiving and receiving ecopolitics in this little organic ecosystemic landscape we have designed and matured together, equivalent bilaterally. When I carry on in my LeftBrain geopolitical dominating way you just sleep and murmur of my becoming too tightly associated with Western White Gods of Master Racing monoculturally marching against health and safety freedoms for all; OK, well.. maybe not so much for those who have drifted off toward the margins; more for conservation-oriented mature healthy and wealthy Patriarchs, but then, that's how God the Father designed my ecopolitics, so never mind about that little lack of well-integrated not quite ecosystemic balancing theology. My patriarchal LeftBrain point remains our health and safety, although I do have this fascination with virginal monocultural purity and fraternal loyalty to Fathered Fertile Landscapes, waves of horny grain. Oops. I think you did a little RightBrain slip there. But, I get your idea, and I know you also appreciate this other progressive-liberation theology side, where we find our more integrative, matriarchally trans-regenerational, ecopolitical investment in future global health and safety through improving our lifeskills today, for empathy, like teaching the kids to extend their imaginations about the Golden Rule, not only across species, but also across the generations of organically healthy and happy time, which must include bilaterally equivalent respect between all the multiculturing possibilities of nature's most optimally lawful integrity, regenerativity of life as energy light ourselves. There for a minute I thought you were confining yourself to the land of cause-effect reason. But, moving on, Your matriarchal RightBrain Liberation Front, flowing with conjoining nutritional integrity, Dr. Jane Gordon calls this cooperative Creolization, and such profound integrity also speaks of Sacred Ecology as Historical Evolutionary Liberation Teleology. Oh boy, now we're really in trouble. Really, honey, you need to get out more, go for a walk, do some gardening, plant trees, and don't forget to feed and water them with some climate health. As Creolization was trying to say, across these evolutionary political development stories, LeftBrain Dominance is our ecopolitical MasterYang patriarchal voice, as RightBrain thereby becomes suppressed YinFlow of synergetic multiculturing revolutions. This seems dynamically important for optimizing WinWin political opportunities for SelfLeft plus OtherRight plus Earth trilateral communication about and of and for and within health and safety as more regenerative than degenerative. Don't you just mean more healthy than pathological, more naturally and spiritually good than Yang-excessively bad? Well, probably, but it sounds better the way I say it. OK, if you think so. I wonder how this is the same and different than our proletariat Soap Opera, where everybody eventually ends up gettin' some, but also losing everything that could ever possibly matter. Try to stay tuned to one channel, if you would be so kind. So, we have these two primal ecopolitical hemispheres of bicamerality, acting as bilateral polypathic co-empowerment through interdependence. God remains Patriarchal LeftBrain egocentric-anthrocentric Father; but is now hooked up with... Honey, please say conjoined, not hooked up. That sounds crude and disrespectful. Right. OK, God the Father post-millennially conjoins Liberating EarthGoddess of Matriarchal-Feminist Yin RightBrain, ecologically balancing ecopolitically maturing Creole-integrity of universal-global health and safety. Good. So we're done with this story then? My Creole co-intelligence would like to remind your secular-West reasoning about your repressed sacred integrity co-empathic feelings that healthy evolutionary services cannot be WinWin delivered to a global market by merely following LeftBrain WinLose deductive-dominating assumptions about our mutually cooperative health and safety. Well, that's what I'm LeftBrain saying, My either-or is also your both-and.

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