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Cocoons Hibernating In Summer

I made a U turn at dusk as dark night creeps  upon me
I tried to catch my breath from the horrible smell that was stifling me inside
I did not know which way to turn but my intuition was my guide
It led me towards the west where I  could ultimately take a rest
But when I got there I stumbled upon an entrance to the park
Which led me to  wander from dusk into the dark
I met a woman and her son at the entrance 
who had  just returned from a distance
I inquired about the road ahead if it was a dead end
and they instructed me to take a left at the pond 
to  get to the other side of the park
I ran down the hill looking clearly at everything
A man and his two children passed me by
with just a nod and a sarcastic smile
Another man rode by quickly on a bike 
and nod his head and forced out a gentle smile
A man woman and a child wearing red tea-shirts
came along  without a greeting or a song
Of a truth red doesn't blend well in nature this color is danger
I walked along the path and met a young man with a big dog
I asked him about the pond and he said to continue right along
The pond is important to me because it marks my destiny
If I find my way to the pond I know in which direction to land
I hesitantly walked down the path because
 a children's playground stood up in the middle of the road
It curved my steps and slowed me down
A man creeps up slowly behind so I stood at the side
and watched him  walked into his predicted destiny
Shortly a  woman and her dog approached and greeted me gently
She had a kind and authentic smile 
she is a woman with a good heart
I watched the man walking in front of me
until he moved to the other side
Once again I continued on my directed journey
I looked at the houses as I walked by
some  with big backyards and barbecue grills
But no smell was coming from the kitchens
I wonder where all those people could have been
Some  houses had lights but others were pitched dark
There was one house with a compass attached to the back door
I am not superstitious but I am cognizant of superstitious activities 
so I start wondering what the compass was all about
As I reached the bend a woman jumped out from the other side of the road
and start running in-front of me two more women came down
the hill and joined me on the path 
When they came down the hill I recognized the road
I have been on this road before and the pond was just insight.
I passed by the pond and  more women greeted me along the track
They were returning from the other side of the road
I passed the pond and heard the turkeys grumbling in the bushes
They were perhaps mating and taught that I was intruding
As soon as I reached the bend to cross the river 
I pounced upon a group of teen aged boys returning from a joy ride
one had bandanna around his head and the others looked like they were in a mess
The two women ventured off my path and I was free again to wander in the dark
I just needed the time alone where no was around me
Really no one was insight there was no  sound and everything was silent all around
Something hanging from the trees caught my attention to an in-depth degree
I gazed on it from afar then walked up in the bushes and took a closer look at it
Several cocoons spun from white silk surround by pupas of several moth
I stared upon them as if a message was sealed up inside waiting to birth a new life
It was a powerful moment  I could feel my heart racing so I walked quickly out of
the bushes and continue on the path.
The more I walk the more cocoon I saw in the trees they were real as can be.
I walked up the road to venture on the other side of  town
And there  I tumbled  upon the cross roads
I took off my shoe and walked around in a circle contemplating the cocoon miracle
 I gazed along the path and saw a man struggling along in the dark
He walked passed me and continue his journey towards the East
I went back to the crossroads and scribble a note on a piece of paper
I didn't know where to take it but I know that it should be delivered
I hurried along the track to get to the other side of town before it was pitch black
With  the message I scribbled at the crossroads
If you turn the drawing of the crossroads upside down
it will bear the message of the cross
If you turn it in another direction it will show you a compass of the land
I delivered the message at the cross upon God's order and continue my journey
On my way out I picked up a piece of paper and when I looked at it this morning
it was consistent to the message bearer
The tree positions in all directions had cocoon hanging from their branches
All roads  leads to the same main road
No matter which way you turn
Whether  you run, walk or drive
 you will all end up on the same main road.
Cocoons are hibernating every where.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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