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Madame Mistress, ebonies princess,
Southern comforts golden jewel,
A golden beauty down south does dwell.
She hides many secrets beneath her,
Glittering mask of mystery's mystic spells.
A dark priestess is this Cajun queen,
Black widows magic women,
Known as Ms. New Orleans.
In her crimson gown, trimmed by
Velvet's purple hues, she smiles
Behind her white lace fan.
A beguiling angel is she the devils
 Own kindred.
The voodoo queen of the swampy delta,
Ruling over the shadow demons,
Whom guard the everglades.
Underneath fancy face and social grace,
Lies the misbegotten heart of a
 Witches soul.
Here the trumpets sound at,
La Carnival as minstrels stroll,
Down Bourbon Street with rhythmic,
Precision's precise step.
Come join in celebrations grand parade,
The Maude Gra. Where anything goes,
Here things are forgotten as the sun rises,
This grand lady of beauty's legacy's charm.
Presses one finger to her redden lips,
Speaking not more than a hushed whispers
Sigh carried across bayou.
Thus does the Spanish moss weep, for
Those lost souls swallowed whole,
Beneath nights dark covenant of death.
Ghostly images walk the muddy side shores,
Phantom spectators existing as prisoners,
Trapped in limbos web, a thin fine line
Between the living and the dead.
Beware lone travelers, those for whom,
Seek mysteries glamor and mystic,
Of the southern by ways.
All are welcome to taste our spicy
Yet beware pay homages respect,
To Mz. New Orleans, she after all takes
Great care of her own.



Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 2/3/2018 8:32:00 PM
Spooky and delicious; great imagery! Thanks!
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Date: 8/20/2015 6:28:00 AM
Okay Cheri . . . It's "Fangoria Time" with this one. The dark imagery and the tone and tenor of your verses here are great delight to read. This "Cajun Queen" is someone to be understood and respected for sure. I'm sure her mastery of voodooism and voodoo dolls is legendary. A "7" + FAV on this dark terror treat!! Just Like Old Times!! Cheers and Best, Gary
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Date: 6/8/2015 10:30:00 PM
Cheryl, Seek mysteries glamor and mystic, :) the poem sizzles hot. The picture you have above speaks the night away.. WOW, I so love, love the poem. The poem is deep, the whispears are loud, touching the soul. Sending hugs... LINDA
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Date: 6/3/2015 12:46:00 AM
very pleasing ...every line was like a drug just kept on reading:), very much enjoyed your write ~Luv S.K.A.T.
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