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I have ADD.

Having... what I have's like playing billiards*!
I aim my thoughts
like a cue ball at a stripe**
and hit a solid** color...

It wipes me out!  I forfeit my next shot!
My Critic-of-all-dreams does the thinking, then!
And THEN, it seems my friends all make their shots,
And I am left to rack up.

As they feel sorry for me, I am given the break shot,
first shot in the new game!

'Oo!' I think, 'a thought for every ball!' and it doesn't end well!

I fire off the shot, and nearly crack the lot,
And the cue ball leaps up and over the mess of billiard balls,
and OFF the TABLE!

My one friend is bald,
and as I pick the cue ball up, I imagine how much
His head looks like the cue ball, and it sets me laughing.

Unknown, my crime of thought is,
And he graciously grants me... another shot!

It is then, that I put on too much chalk, and send the white ball spinning
With a blue mark on one side going round and round

...and... this is how my thoughts go, sometimes!

A good thing, I am not playing for money!

*in this case, I am employing the American usage of 'Billiards', which includes 'Pocket Billiards', along with several other Cue Sports
**'Stripes and Solids' is a game in which one player tries to knock only the Striped Balls, while the other player tries to knock only the Solid-Colored Balls into any of the pockets.  To hit, with the white cue ball, a ball of the other player's designation ('Striped' or 'Solid') is to forfeit one's next shot.  A successful 'pocketing' of one's designated ball, adds a point, and allows the player to continue shooting, until he either misses, or strikes or 'pockets' another player's ball.

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Date: 2/12/2019 5:41:00 AM
Great fun poem. Try to get a pocket at least :)
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Fairchild Avatar
Andrew Fairchild
Date: 2/12/2019 5:57:00 AM
Thanks! I usually Do get at least two.