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Big Fish Calling Me To The Sea Part 2

Big boats traffic people from pillar to post only heaven knows where it goes
Something fishy is transpiring in the sea, there is a unique smell for you and me. Little fish are brought in creates while the big fish was concealed behind the big gate. Some of them hid quietly in the pit covering their mouth because they cannot shout.
Everyone look as happy as can be they have been doing this job for more than a century. Generations come and generation goes they have earned a living from the sea port.
“You say that you want a hard border but this would create much disorder
My ferry could not cross the land and my fish supply would pile up in my hand
Tell me what your hard border mean. I have been hearing this expression without a detailed explanation.
I want to hear about your soft border too and what it will do to me and you
Will it intensify the love between us? I felt butterflies moving upon down in my stomach. I was very soft when you proposed at the border; I knew you would cause me no pain or shame. And I had everything to gain”, said the fisherwoman  with the big basket  
I wander about the fishing port and curious people stared at me without a doubt. They asked me why I was black and they were different,
I told them to ask the God who resides in heaven
I have been asking the same question myself but science has not yet brought it to light.
The sun began to shine out loud and the morning continued to fester about
Women swings creates of fish on the assemble line while the men gather around with their arms fold, looking at the women working their heart out
A sudden vengeance rose up within me; they were insulting the female dignity
I couldn’t help but speaking out and reprimanded the bosses who were idling about.
And to top all, a man came out of nowhere with a terrible brawl
He stood in front of me with his naked gut protruding towards me 
Telling me that he wanted to have me, that’s the message he was sending me.
I reproached him in a honest way and told him that he was going astray
He should not stand in-front of women with his naked gut and all of a sudden everyone joined in the chorus forcing him to walked away.
Suddenly I felt hungry and a woman stood in front of me with her cart starts to amuse me. She was selling three dollar meal but as soon as I approached her it went up to five dollars. She made a very good deal selling three dollar and five dollar meals. Luck went her way and people bought her food the entire day. The women packing the creates finally got to the top and the men folding their arms suddenly joined in
Another feisty boss walked around  and scooped up the fish that had fallen on the ground
Don’t mistreat women when I am, around they got the message and smiled with a frown 
Everything was in perfect harmony, men and women working together
To make the work lighter, in a few minutes creates and creates of fish
Piled up in the air there were more than enough to feed five thousand
They kept multiplying and people kept coming
Everyone had something to eat, the woman on the cart provided a wonderful treat
I walked to the end of the port and met another group of women a t the corner shop
We chatted for a while then I bid them goodbye
There is something nifty about the little town; 
There was food business all around, four out of five restaurants dominate the corner, grocery stores, fruit stores and restaurant as big an arena
Everywhere I go, people are eating, selling and merrymaking 
That is what’s so unique about this culture
School children going home from school giggled and played with their backpack on their backs 
 and lunch pan swinging in their tiny hands
They all stared at me while some ran away from me
They have not seen a foreigner in this town
I boarded the bus and sat up front
 and people talked continuously throughout the journey
Their saliva spilling over me and their babies staring at me.
 I was delighted to get off the crowded bus
So I hurried across the street and boarded the next bus back to the big town.
My spirit is telling me that there is something to see in the big sea
Let us go and see.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 3/2/2018 3:54:00 PM
We may bodily change as it grows old. There is always a youthful spirit inside of us. Look for a youthful spirit and that is what you will find. Seek a happy God and you will find Him. What we think is what we truly are. Am now 76 and have been married for over 50 years. Experienced many things.
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