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Big Fish Calling Me To The Sea Part 1

My spirit has been calling to get up and go to the sea
My spirit has been telling me that there is something for me to see
My spirit is calling me to fly over the big sea
My spirit is saying that something is available for you and me
I didn’t plan on going out this morning
But something forced me to answer the “calling”
There was no phone call, no written message
No assignment, no obligation or requirement
Something deep inside was propelling me instead
And something powerful that was not myself pulled me out of bed
I wanted to sleep a little longer so that I could feel stronger
So I dilly dally for a while then count to three 
And got on a bus going to the gigantic sea
The morning gleamed at me with intense feeling
And I suddenly got the meaning that everything is revealing 
I stared at the morning with dignity 
Extracting its stubborn tooth from its sealed jaws
Making way for the overdue applause
Sleepy eyes suddenly came alive
Shaking the sleepiness out of their eyes and
Alas everything started to crystallize 
I gazed at them and sip ginger tea from my cup
The fuss ended and I could finally thank the heavens
The jolly bus rumbled through the amusing town 
And for the first time I could feel love bouncing all around
We were finally on the same chapter and the same page
And we all understood the message clearly and held it dearly
I traveled on three different buses before I could reach the big sea
Something mystical was happening to me 
An entity began to metamorphose inside me I felt elated and relaxed
Men with big motor bikes creeped up behind me offering me a ride to the sea
They follow me everywhere I go trying to persuade me 
I stumbled upon a little corner shop and met some youth just waking up
I inquire where to get the third bus to the big sea
They were extremely helpful but they laughed loudly
We chatted for a while until the bus arrived
I leaped on the bus and sat next to some children
And tried to talked with them but they stared and stared at me 
I looked through the window and I could see cows grazing in the fields
And a multitude of white ducks running about in the grass
I have not seen one farm animal since I got here
But the local people sell meat in the street and everywhere
I always wonder where it comes from and who owns the land
The holiday festivities has been complete and young men and young women
Were moving back and forth with suit cases dangling in their skinny hands
Some going back to school while others journeyed to their hometown
The bus finally reached its destination and I jumped off without hesitation
I walked towards the big sea and I could feel the wind chill blowing at me
I have never been to a sea port before so I don’t know exactly what it is all about
But as soon as I got there the message was loud and clear
There wasn’t anything surprising or shocking just ordinary people working for a living
The fish market hinged closely to the seaport and many shops
crowded the swampy place .
The fish business is a hard sell, when it is old it has a terrible smell
The fish on the plate is appetizing but the process is quite painstaking
I enquire about the price at the port but in some instance
 it cost more than the price offshore
I observed  all the activities at the port
Old fish, new fish and some just coming from the sea
filled  the place around me, the fishy smell, the juicy smell
Perfuming the atmosphere casting the demon back to the sea
curious women gathered around me they were jolly as can be
They looked so special in their weaved bamboo hat
selling their fish because that’s all they have got
Big catch, big fish surround me hiding its face at the bottom of the sea
The fisherman caught it with a little net and place in front of me and asked me to bet
He held it up close to sky and I snapped a photo as he passed by
Big ships sailing in the sea with a dynamic message for you and me
Fishermen with their buckets and scales,
 and vendors gather around to price the day
Big ships sailing in the ocean get ready for a double portion
Manmade boats and bamboo boats doing business all around
There was something unique about the little boats
 They had car tire stringed around to keep them afloat what is this technology all about?
They have accepted their lifestyle and work very hard to survive.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 3/2/2018 3:50:00 PM
I am a Christian and believe in God's spirit. He put it into everything in the whole world. I still wonder why He has allowed the negative elements of the world to exist though. Jim Horn
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