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Ballad of Faerie Queen

Once upon a time of happy,
Living in a blue mushroom filled with glee,
A faerie princess who was quite snappy
Referred to by most as Little Cutesy Bee
This faerie princess had golden hair
The prettiest locks you will ever see.
And emerald eyes bright and true,
Living in a blue mushroom filled with glee.
She was loved by elves who raised her.
An assertive faerie, their charge, Bee.
With a sense of humor from heaven,
Hilarious at first hint of glee.

Her laughter carried itself simply miles
Covered more land than binoculars can see.
Carried her titters to Castle Greystone
From our delightful Princess Cutesy Bee.
Intriguing possibility of a betrothed for Sir John.
I knew, for he was a close friend to me.
We followed this happy laughter for sixteen days
Until we found her, the King Sir John and me.

Her laugh was pretty, and she was amber-eyed beautiful.
Living in a mushroom filled with glee.
A faerie princess who was quite happy,
Intriguing to Sir John, I instantly could see.
Cutesy Bee was neither interested nor willing,
To trade in her blue mushroom filled with glee.
However, she was encouraged by the elves who raised her
To take a look at what her future would be.
They knew much more than Cutesy about fulfilling a faerie prophecy.
She opened her heart to my King, John Sir,
Readying herself for a future others quickly did see.
Got a few glimpses of his kindness, and heard his soul
Considered leaving blue mushroom of glee.

Decided upon a long-thought-out reflection
She could not leave her elves or the blue mushroom of glee.
So smitten in-love Sir John, upon closer reflection
Agreed to transport blue mushroom using all his soldiers and me.
It took our army six months, two weeks and a day
To brace the blue mushroom up with those elves, and haul it away.
But now we have her, our tittering, happy, uplifting faerie queen, 
Who has the prettiest laugh, you have ever seen!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 1/2/2019 5:07:00 PM
Now I want to build myself a new, "blue mushroom", house. An adorable story.
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Krutsinger Avatar
Caren Krutsinger
Date: 1/3/2019 12:28:00 AM
I will take a photo of it when you finish it, for it will be magnificent! Thank you for commenting for I do not often try a ballad. This was a real EFFORT.