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Ashtavakra Gita verse 15:7

Poet's Notes

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15.7 “You are That in which the universe appears like waves appearing in the ocean You are Consciousness itself No need to worry” The concept being that the world is nothing but thought Transient and therefore necessarily unreal like a dream Yet in truth of being resident therein what may be our retort If our state of being rejects this even while within the Divine stream The illusionary movie and the real unchanging screen Both images and non images (void) of the movie imaginal How may we then in stillness glean The said reality beyond the mind delusional In so far as to us revealed Everything is energy ... vibration Even upon piercing the veil concealed May we not entwine with the Creator in celebration How may we blindly accept non duality When we do feel a separateness Although there may be a higher reality All we recognise is interconnectedness In most respectful humility We accept our present ignorance Yet be that as it may we do resonate in compatibility With the Divine Love pulsation in innocence We admit that there is a gap in our cognition Yet in the field of definitive knowing How may we blindly join the chorus upon this suggestion At best we rest in silence flowing & allowing We pause at this verse of the book most holy Humbled by the revelation oft affirmed by many a sage Stilling our stillness within the vibrant void yet more slowly We surrender all residual thought freezing at this page We are as we are enlivened by Divine grace in bliss unabating Aligned both within & without to the pulse of Love gyrating We look at such paradoxes as plausible learning lying in waiting Analysing not their import for we are joyous in our blossoming Epilogue What be the conflict between light & darkness When both be manifestations of the That oneness In timeless time we do come to realise Upon ceasing to weigh and measure and size That dreams encircle dreams ad infinitum Played out in a fictional linear time continuum As long as there be unfulfilled desire in our heart We will continue encasing forms driving us apart From the source ~~~~~~~~~~ Let us look at the early days When our fickle attention was more prone to sway Looking back at the journey taken thus far In observational stillness we no longer spar Waves of thought which used to come & go In resonance with our orientation are already slow We are at the centre presence of innocence Bandwidths of our focus at a higher awareness It is clear that even where we are now is not our doing How may a caterpillar believe that one day it will be flying As such based upon present coordinate of reference We make peace in enablement as interconnectedness In stillness restful until we truly know what is oneness (21-August-2019) ~~~~~~~~~~~ Verse 15.7 revisited on 30-November-2021 From our here and now vantage point Breath by breath as bliss we self-anoint Simply abiding in thought rested stillness Formless soul presence one with oneness Head and heart align with pulsations divine Bliss throbs heighten, for which lovers pine As a hue of divine sublime love pulsation Yet far cry still is wisdom assimilation Glimpses of truth shown as a teaser Light that flickers, not heart appeaser For merely knowing, not quite becoming In a sea of darkness, we are still swimming For although we know that God is omnipresent We yet grant not love unconditional consent Blockages within veil divine love and light Enabled not yet is clear spherical sight We witness oscillations of our heart From ego spawned delusion yet to part During samadhi, the universe disappears On entering mind-body, duality reappears God alone the doer, we are all receptors As bliss percolates our body vectors The underlying truth of oneness is clear Yet we still cling to desires, ego holds dear Oh worthy lama, we are yet to fully become One with the That oneness, as light of the sun

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Date: 11/30/2021 9:35:00 PM
When I meditate my right hand begins spinning faster and faster and faster and sometimes my left too. I can feel such energy! "In so far as to us revealed Everything is energy ... vibration" I have to admit sometimes I see flashes of light zipping around the room too; everything is ENERGY! Everything! This is why this poem struck my heart.
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Seeker Avatar
Unseeking Seeker
Date: 11/30/2021 9:55:00 PM
Tell us more! :)