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Animal 'Quackers' - Comments and Response from PoemHunter

======================================== ** ORIGINAL MESSAGE ******************** ======================================== Lora Colon – Okay, Long Tooth. You have some explaining to do. Really. I'm not sure what you are trying to say in this poem. I 'sort of' get the first 2 stanzas. Friendship can't be bought, as easily as animal crackers. But then you talk about fighting. Okay, so you'd fight those who claim to be your friends? Well, that happens. Okay. Stanza 3 - oh no, here comes god (small “g”). What is “he” doing here? This is a private party!! Ha I guess YOU invited him. 4th stanza - okay, this is balderdash. Don't tell me that only those who are “Christian at heart” can make good friends. What about those who’ve never heard of Christ? Or those who don't believe he was the son of god (like me)? Christ may have lived - there's a lot written about him. But I believe he was just a man - perhaps even delusional (if he really thought himself the son of god). Now if you mean only people who are good at heart (like Christ was) can be a good friend, maybe that's okay to say. 5th stanza: Love Republican queens? What does that mean? Are you referring to Trump's wife? Is she a queen? And the last stanza: HELP! Let humanity die? Let the dinosaurs replace us? Humanity has its flaws, but we are glorious beings, flaws aside. Look all we have accomplished? It's mind-boggling. I don't like man's greed, hatred, prejudice, bigotry, etc. But this is part of our nature. These are not sins - these are human traits. Why would a god create beings with flaws that he knew would offend him? This makes no sense. If there is a creator, he knew what he was creating, and he accepts it. I don't believe in sin, just things that we do that hurt each other that are wrong. We need laws and punishment to curb these wrongdoings so we can have some semblance of order and harmony in our lives, in our community, in our world. I have to stop now. Or I'll get a tachycardia attack, ha. I just had some coffee too, so that will not help. I do wish you would explain to me what you are trying to say in this poem. Hey, this is like the old days - I hope it doesn't come to fisticuffs! Ha. Boy, are we throwing around the archaic terms - tommyrot, balderdash, fisticuffs. Who says old people can't have fun??Talk to you later, Roof Missing. Lora ======================================== ** POET'S RESPONSE ******************** ======================================== Love your questions Lora! Thanks! Let me say that my opinions here seem clear to me but that doesn’t mean of course that I have expressed myself well. : -) 1st-Yes of course we can be friends and fight, have differences of opinion, unless we can't! Not all of anyone’s so called “friends” are willing to fight for their beliefs and still stay engaged with you as a friend. There are those who tell themselves if I am fighting with them then I must be an enemy rather than “he loves me so much and trusts my friendship that he is willing to risk losing me to keep me, to be even closer.” 2nd-Having a friend is not the same thing as buying a box of animal crackers. Friends are not packaged so nicely as sugar cookies in a box that always taste the same. If you are my friend I think you should value our differences because they give us a way to grow into each other. Sameness may be comfortable but it is not enlightening and when a friendship is tested and we survive the test, the friendship deepens. 3rd-I think we (I/you) can honor Christ without having to call ourselves Christians. You can say for example that you don't believe in Christ or God, and that's fine by me, but do you consider all men to be your brothers as Christ taught? Or do you subscribe to what I think of as an anti-Christ philosophy as Trump and many others do? “Hey I've got mine and I'm keeping it. Go get your own! Anyone who needs help is the enemy of my prosperity.” 4th-I do NOT want to deny your feelings about whether God exists or not, but I do want to assert that in my way of thinking (and I think God's) that if you love your brother, you are by definition Christian. Forget what other Christians tell you or the Church says about going to Church or having angry feelings toward God that mean you are LOST! Many self-proclaimed Christians are I suspect hypocrites and liars on the short road to Hell! You do not need to confess Christ is your savior, if your life is an expression of His Love. Your actions are louder than your words and, after all, Grace covers all sin in any case. The only way that this cannot be true is if God is not and has never been real. It has never been necessary for anyone to study the Bible or confess Christ to be a Christian. That is the huge lie of organized religion and Priests who wish to control you! If my words are not mostly true, then I reject God too! I spit in his face! He will never be worthy, cannot be worthy of my love! 5th- I am saying that many Republicans and Democrats are truly '*****,' they would rather rape their brothers Greek style, than have or deserve the love of a woman. Being '*****' has nothing to do with being homosexual (that is just a label), it is about rejecting God's love. Any brother you kill or neuter is just one less enemy to you enriching yourself. 6th-It is clear that Mankind is unworthy of either Science or Grace, but the Bible tells us that even before we accept Christ that God love us all, even from the beginning of time. That is the GOOD NEWS, not that we are or ever can be worthy of God's love, but that we have it anyway! If that is not true then, for all I care, let mankind cannibalize ourselves into extinction, as the dinosaurs did, for our so called intellect without God, is pure excrement! With God, our desire to understand is a holy act and not just vanity, even if it is possible by some fluke!

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