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An Audience With The King

Poet's Notes

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An Audience With the King is a fulfillment of a prayer from
my earthly walk with my God although, one day I will
actually be able to stay with HIM.  I will never be
the same again!

An Audience With THE KING

Many times during my walk with Him over the years, I have cried and prayed
and sought my Lord’s face, my Father’s face and asked Him, oh if HE would
just pick me up and set me upon His lap so that I could see Him in action.  How He interacted with His children, how He answered my prayers and other people’s prayers, How He ruled and reigned the Universe, after all, I thought, He is my Father!  Yes, He is my Father… but what a Father He truly is!!!  

It is not that I didn’t respect Him as GOD ALMIGHTY but, I didn’t have a vision of what and how great, HE truly was and is!!!  But, when I actually saw a vision of HIM, it stopped me dead in my tracks!  For, HE showed me a vision of HIM, my GOD!  I saw HIM because I was standing directly in front of HIS Throne!  HE is so Majestic, so, Mighty, so Pure, so Holy, but those words are not sufficient to describe hat I was looking at!!!  I was standing directly in front of HIS THRONE!  HE, FATHER GOD, was sitting on HIS THRONE, HE had white shoulder length hair that glistened like the sun, HE had a gold ring on HIS index finger and a gorgeous grayish blue cloud like robe on, the River of Life flowed under HIS THRONE, there was an aura about HIM, and I just stood there amazed and I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, all I could do was look, look at this most beautiful BEING ever and, HE IS my GOD, my FATHER and HE loves me, insignificant little me!

I had been asking THIS GOD, if HE would pick me up, put me on HIS
lap and hold me, and I would lean my head against HIS chest, and 
hear HIS heartbeat!!!  I would feel HIS arms around me, I would 
feel HIS love so overwhelmingly, it just pours forth from HIM,
it saturated my heart, my very being and I felt like a worm before HIM
but, HE loved me, as I said, small insignificant little me.  I couldn’t say
anything, I just looked!!!

Then two angels took in into a room and took off the clothes of the world
from me, and opened a bottle of very fragrant oil and rubbed it into my skin until it removed the smell of flesh and the world.  They did to me what the servants did for Esther before she went in to see the King.  They massaged it into my skin time and time again until I had been thoroughly anointed with oil.  Then knowing this was finished, they robed me in the most beautiful robe that I have ever seen, other than the one that FATHER GOD had on.  They fixed my, now long blonde hair and put beautiful flowers in it and put on golden sandals on my feet and said, “There now you are ready to meet YOUR FATHER face to face, though I could not actually look upon HIS face yet!

They escorted me back into the Throne Room where HE is!  This time I 
was not fearful but, prepared just as a Bride to meet the Groom.
HE held out HIS scepter for me to come near; my heart began to
beat faster as I walked up to HIM and HIS THRONE.  HIS love began again to sweep over me, and fill me up with a warmth that will never depart!
HE loved me, and HE answered this heart’s cry because, HE picked me up and put me upon HIS lap as, I have prayed for a long time,  HE held me in HIS arms and told me that HE loved me and that I will one day always be with HIM and that HE would never no, never let me go. 

HE allowed me to see how HE commanded the angelic host and how
HE would send HIS angels to protect HIS people and help them in 
certain situations, how HE kept order in HIS creation!  It was HIS
power that kept the planets, stars in their place.  Nothing gets by
HIM, no nothing, not the slightest words, thoughts or deeds, HE 
knows them all and yet, HE still has time to listen to HIS children’s

It seemed as though I was with HIM for a long time but, when HE
brought me back to earth, it looked as though I had been gone for only a few
moments in time! 

Praise My GOD!

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
November 2017

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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