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Advent of Other Happy Endings

Throughout 2016 I have been reading Rob Brezsny's Pronoia
Is The Antidote For Paranoia
now ending before I reach 2017.

This postmillennial bible of multiculturalism
ends with several questions or statements
with space to write in my responses.

I am about half through these end pages.
Here is a condensed version of this conversation,
to date:

"Imagine that you get three wishes on one condition: 
They can't benefit you directly;
they have to be wished on behalf of someone else.
What would they be?"

1. Peace and justice throughout Earth's more cooperative Tribes.

2. And economic and political goodwill toward women,
matriarchs of all extending families.

3. And all their regeneratively (0)riginally Intended children.

"Comment on this thought:
Imagination is more important than knowledge
and play is more interesting than belief."

And role-play is better deep learning 
than competing beliefs
about how to become a more maturely communicating 

"Pronoia is a gnostic art.
Everyone is potentially a visionary
capable of revealing more of its mysteries
Write your oracles and definitions of pronoia here."

Pronoia recipes
rather than
paranoid conspiracies of egocentric hubris
are postmillennial Wisdom Literature.

"Talk about all the things you'd do with your extra time
if you lived for two weeks
without consuming any media at all."

I would probably invest more in physical exercise,
using my body,
and in producing media,

"'When I grow up,' wrote Ramona McNabb, 'I want to be a river.' 
What impossible magnificence would YOU like to be
when you grow up?"

A two-bicameral-headed tornado
with double-bound tickling
appositionally equivalent tails,
feeding on and off each other's co-diastatic energy.

"Tell what techniques you've discovered
about feeding honey to crocodiles."

Waste of time.
Like pearls before swine.
They prefer to eat me.

"What would you have to do in order to keep getting smarter and smarter?"

Invite my egocentric, and anthrocentric, hubris
to become weaker and weaker,
until entirely absorbed by ecoconscious love.

"What's the single most important question you'd like to resolve
before you die many years hence?"

Why didn't I die sooner?

"'Bodhisattva' is a term used by Buddhists to describe a saint
who has developed spiritual equanimity
and a consistent ability to act with wisdom and kindness
but who nevertheless postpones his [sic] ascension into nirvana
in order to help free all other beings from their suffering.
In Beauty and Truth Lab parlance, a 'dissident bodhisattva' believes that existing political and cultural institutions must be overthrown
and replaced
in order to liberate all beings from their suffering
and achieve spiritual equanimity.
Write a story in which you are a dissident bodhisattva."

Better to live this story.
Bring it to full incarnation.
before role playing your healthier and richest and deepest bodhisattva incarnation,
I suppose it's always good to prepare your most intelligent PermaCulture Design.
So, perhaps my odds of becoming the most effective co-mentor of cooperative and dissident bodhisattva zero-zone polypaths
might best begin with writing down how I would like to proceed over the next 16 years,
or so,
that I could plan to have left before I die,
when I will hope to learn why I didn't die now,
before I write my Bodhisattva Creation Story.

"You are Ruler Of The World.
What three decrees will you immediately issue
to begin the mass healing?"

1. All public and private investments,
both time and money,
currently supporting competitive WinLose evolutionary development
of monoculturing monopolistic wealth,
rather than multicultural health, 
are now officially,
yet not officiously,
reinvested in cooperative WinWin ecopolitical EarthTribe Climate Health Games,
and other forms of recreatively nutritional, deep learning play 
as ecopolitical partying.

2. All Patriotic and Paternalistically dominant anthrocultures
are now officially,
yet not officiously,
also Matriotic and Maternalistically
Earth as Other as Self Golden Rule nurturing.

3. All males and females,
heteros and homos,
are now officially,
yet not officiously,
on the EarthTribal full-transgenderal Octave Spectrum
of multiculturing polypaths toward deeply erotic ecology.

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Date: 12/10/2016 3:23:00 AM
And then there were three. Cheers, Gerald. : )
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