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The legal system is business operated by officers and boys in the street
The legal system is a business  fashioned to target the vulnerable and the weak
The people who cannot defend themselves or don't have a voice of their own
are  ambushed abused, humiliated and tossed around.
I have live a sacred life and  kept myself circumspect
And they have been trying very hard to ruin my spiritual life
I parked my car in the parking lot and went towards the county's court house
Suddenly a Hispanic woman jumped out of a car and start walking in front of me
I changed my direction and allowed her to go around the  bend but both of us meet at the other end
 I asked her if she had lost her way but she replied, "I am a witness in a case"
She went through the door and I waited until she was out of sight
Then I entered the building and went through the scanning machine
I crossed the building on the other side and the same woman came out of nowhere and  crossed infront of me and I knew that she was stalking me
I have never been in a court house before and I have no clue what it was all about
I saw my name on a big monitor similar to the one at the airport 
It really felt as if I was at the airport waiting on a flight
I sat  in the lounge next to the big door where the proceeding  should take place
All of a sudden my heart start beating and I start perspiring 
I could hardly catch my breath my heart was palpitating
my stomach was aching and chest began to tighten up
I have heard strange stories that the Devil resides in the court house
I have even heard that frogs and snakes jump out on judges during Proceedings
And of a truth I felt like someone was choking me when I entered that place
An oppressive spirit engulf the court house purging
kindness out of peoples heart and replacing it with meanness and cruelty 
I did not have a lawyer or anyone to defend me
But I went  with faith and  God as my defender
The oppressive  Spirit circled around me my throat was getting dry 
And when I tried to take a deep breath  something was sucking the  energy out of me
I looked at the people around and they looked like zombies
They  were staring in space as if the building was going to give way
Not a smile on the face not a tear in the eye
The door finally opened and everyone entered 
It felt as if I was in an elementary school hall
with the teacher standing on the platform
I could hardly hear what she was saying
because people were coming and going
Finally an introduction was made
and my  adrenalin recedes the tension simmers down
And my heartbeat was normal again
The judge came out in his black gown
And outline the procedures like an elementary school teacher
He was polite and looked like a man of understanding
Not guilty, guilty or  no contest you can answer he said
I asked around to find out  what was no contest about but no one would explain to me
I asked the white man who was sitting beside me and he explained briefly
My name was called and  I answered has God  instructed me
I could have gone all out to defend myself but I listened to what God told me instead
The officer was not in his Jurisdiction he was out of order and he had broken protocols 
When I  finally  agreed to sign the document he refused and told me that it was too late
and took me away
All his colleagues knew that he was wrong and they told me to contest it.Of a fact the stickers were on my windshield but I have never been stopped by an officer
They only came to look at my truck when the vehicle was parked and they said it was ok
This marine officer came all the way from Springfield to another city to target me 
The judge fine me forty dollars for the ticket and said the case  was over
When I looked around  most  people in the court house could not  afford a Lawyer
They were  black 
They were Hispanic 
They were Asian 
They were African
They were  Middle Eastern
They were all people who could not defend themselves 
The Legal system is business 
and  officers, sheriffs and judges  need reshuffling
And the ring leader  must be taken away
I do not bother anyone all I do is pray

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 9/21/2017 6:33:00 AM
Well written Christine..
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