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A Slant in Time

What is time? 
But a rotation of the planets, 
A love gone to the wind, 
Or a setting of the sun? 

Sometimes we can’t tell the day, 
But by the bottle we drink. 
Or the books I read, 
…Plato, Steinbeck, and old Walts leaves. 

What is art? 
But a set of statements, 
An aesthetic feeling, 
Or a theory on communication? 

And other times I sit in the wind, 
Nostalgic story’s swim in the chaos of thoughts. 
A world of energy measured by mass, 
To the speed of light, 
…Have you ever seen God? 
Or a rope strung to the choking of seeds? 
A world I don’t want to keep. 

Do you know what it is to hurt? 
Love burnt to a gravitational hole, 
Failure that sticks like a parasite 
…to the bone. 
Loss of light, 
Loss of touch, 
Loss of comprehension, 
It hurts so much. 

Here we dwell where time has no meaning, 
A court of the gods, 
With a promised feast 
Consumed by gluttonous dogs. 

Out in the hills we roam, 
Lost like infantile, mad children. 
To a hunt of tragedy, 
Is the mistake of Cephalus. 
Can you feel the cold chill, 
The rains of pain? 
The wind is our home, 
And a soft mad echo 
Speaks to us, 
…what is it saying? 

What does it mean, 
To be? 

Standing one with nature, 
Crouched by a river, 
Can we interpret the drones 
Of a suburban family? 
They speak of regulation, 
And hold a working class hero 
As the sweets of moderation. 

Doesn’t the road of excess 
Lead us to the palace of wisdom, 
And can’t we say truth 
Is but of a relative nature? 

But behold, 
I believe in a long 
Derangement of the senses 

Though, What is life? 
Art, poetry, a figment of the imagination. 
The skeptic concludes 
To a weak will. 
The artist spins a love 
The contemplative 
Reaches the of height of formation. 

The meaning, 
What is reason for the meaning? 
A will, a thought, a spinning of a thread, 
The fabrics of dread. 

Two paths, one entity, 
A system from a creed of deities. 
Can you speak when I say, 
“Reckless abandonment, 
Deranged lonely nights, 
Failed plains inside the mind. 
So useless to try, 
The common misperceptions of what’s right, 
And the twinkle of tears gone by, 

…Welcome to life.” 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2011

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Date: 5/14/2011 8:39:00 PM
Welcome to Poetry Soup.. so enjoyed reading your creative poetry tonight.. amazing write.. hope u have fun on PS as u share with luv...
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Date: 5/14/2011 1:30:00 PM
I like the expressions two paths, one entity, very meaningful write on time, adam
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