A Rainy Day - Enjoyed

Based on a line from Bob Marley.
“Some feel the rain, others just get wet.” 

A rainy day - a deluge pouring from lowered clouds;
a chorus of grumbling  curses, from scurrying crowds!
Winds, swirling capriciously from every direction.
Describes the inclement day, with absolute perfection!

Traffic spray drenching scurrying pedestrians, bent
only on getting home!  This being their sole intent,
but over the sounds of traffic and splashing feet,
is heard a cheerful whistling, coming down the street!

Suddenly, out from out of the gloom and slanting rain
there appears a fellow, whistling a cheerful refrain!
Prancing and pirouetting, whirling his gamp,
without a raincoat or hat - he was a trifle damp,

but it seemed not to bother him one tiny bit at all!
Bowing left and right to everyone, he’d smile and call
loudly to exclaim - “what a lovely day it is today”
“so why not join with me to dance along our way!”

Polite replies were seldom given, and any heard
were only the odd expletive, or disdainful word!
But he was not angered nor for one moment upset,
and as for being damp?  Wetter he could not get!

So I thought to stop, and decided on an instant whim,
to ask why he acted as he did?  Had the rain affected him?
Laughingly he replied, but of course, and it always will,
for often life can be boring, and I always get a thrill

when I can enjoy a rainy day. It lifts my spirits high!
One should not need only a sunny day and a blue sky
to enjoy life to its fullest extent. Cool rain is to feel!
Besides renewing energy, it excites my latent zeal

when it touches my skin, for it brings me alive,
and I get this “joi de vivre” feeling and my drive
reaches heights which in other ways I never get!
Yes, I love the rain, despite my getting soaking wet!

Rhymer. February 16th, 2017.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 2/16/2017 1:57:00 PM
I like this poem . Well done.
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