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A Little Kindness Never Hurts

When I see a homeless man or woman
 I instantly just throw prayer their way.
When with a little, child I will listen,
No matter if it takes them long to say

What in their mind they feel is important.
It helps to build their sense of worth, I know.
I always give compliments to strangers
Even if they regard me as their foe.

You never know what stresses they might have,
Nor how your comment could just be that light
That causes them to seek a kinder path
When their emotions rue the darkest night.

Animals see me as a pied piper...
They somehow feel my aura loves them so.
Even if they seem quite temperamental
They follow me where ever I might go.

I work my magic best with reiki hands
I volunteer my time and help to heal
Those infirm or injured in hospital
With universal energy that's real.

Last not least, I sign numbers for the deaf.
They greet me wth happy smiling faces.
They adore playing Bingo each Wednesday.
I'm rich with love, from so many places.

November 8, 2018

*Note I got busy and didn't get this posted in time for the contest.

A Little Kindness Never Hurts Poetry Contest

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 2/11/2019 9:29:00 AM
You are a kind person Connie, your goodness and beautiful character traits are evident in all of your poems - this poem just proves what I always thought of you! Poetry hugs, Jennifer.
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Date: 1/23/2019 8:12:00 PM
Connie, You are a sterling model re. your attitude toward and treatment of others. I confess that I draw inspiration from the way you conduct your life. Oh, how the world needs more Connie Marcum Wongs. Hugs, always, Paul
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Date: 1/8/2019 8:56:00 PM
Hello Connie, I spoke to a homeless woman while in a line up for a cup of coffee. We had a good chat, and before she left she wished me well. We made each others day. have a nice evening my friend.
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Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 1/10/2019 12:16:00 AM
Reaching out to others is as good for our soul as for theirs Darlene. Thanks for sharing that with me. Blessings for a wonderful new year! : ) xxoo
Date: 12/19/2018 7:21:00 PM
A winner of a poem, contest or no contest, Connie. May you merit to receive the Bounty of what you've given to others. Peace, gw
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Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 12/19/2018 10:00:00 PM
Thank you very much Gershon. Happy Holidays! : ) xxoo
Date: 12/17/2018 5:59:00 PM
was seeing this one again and thinking, if you took out just one stanza somewhere, you could use it in one of Brian's contests. which poem of mine were you saying I did not enter in a contest yet? I missed the punny pies contest but will type up my entry and maybe give it to Brian next week.
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Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 12/17/2018 9:14:00 PM
Yes...the Punny pie, I was asking which one you forgot to enter. I could take out the third stanza I guess....but I have one that I can enter that only has 14 lines. I am going to write you....thanks : )
Date: 12/15/2018 8:09:00 PM
Hi Connie, such special words that prove a little kindness never hurts. Its a pity you didn't get it posted in time for I think it might have done well. This piece proves you are both a special poet and a special person. You give of yourself to others. Your heart is ever shining. A wonderful human being who has written a wonderful poem that I am sure, would have been a winner. A fave. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs....Mike. XX
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Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 12/17/2018 9:15:00 PM
Thank you so much for faving this poem Mike. I am happy you liked this one as it is personal. Have a blessed holiday my friend. Is it white with snow where you are? : ) xxoo
Date: 12/11/2018 2:54:00 PM
I am SO sorry this gem did not get into the contest on time. DANG it, Connie. you are so much better than I am with small children and with the elderly. You truly do a LOT of good things and I am humbled by that. I just kind of keep to myself inside my house. I think if I ever did charity volunteer work, I would only want to work at an animal shelter!
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Date: 12/11/2018 11:58:00 AM
Your words go to prove what a kind hearted caring person you are, Connie! What a pity you missed out on the contest; I can assure you that this would have been on the winners' list! Warm regards // paul
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Date: 12/11/2018 10:31:00 AM
Lovely verse Connie, it costs nothing and uplifts the spirit of the giver and the recipient. Tom.
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Date: 12/10/2018 7:39:00 PM
I have FAVored this one, Connie. It is so absolutely the truth, and it is so well-written. I am sorry you missed the contest, but glad you had the opportunity to bless us with a wonderful missive that would have come in first, I have no doubt!
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Date: 12/10/2018 6:19:00 PM
Hi Connie, I really enjoyed this well written piece. I agree with your heartfelt message" A Little Kindness Never Hurts" You are amazing person. I see your kindness through your poetry and comments. I wish you would have gotten the chance to enter this gem in the contest. I have know doubt it would have been a winner. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones:-) Alexis
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Date: 12/10/2018 2:58:00 PM
You are also rich with your words..they celebrate your poems, Connie. Enjoyed reading the many ways you help those in need. God will bless you for such deeds. Enjoy the richness of love you feel. Too bad you missed the is a winning poem.
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Date: 12/10/2018 2:40:00 PM
You are a very caring person and this is a delight to read. Well done :)
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Date: 12/10/2018 2:16:00 PM
- This comes from a beautiful heart - A 1st place from me, Connie :) - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 12/10/2018 2:26:00 PM
Awww thank you my sweet friend. : ) xxoo
Date: 12/10/2018 1:27:00 PM
Love the line 'Animals see me as a pied piper' - you have such a generous spirit!
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Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 12/10/2018 1:35:00 PM
I love animals and children more than anything in this world. Getting a love note from my granddaughters makes my day! Thank you Michelle. Happy holidays! : ) xxoo
Date: 12/10/2018 1:23:00 PM
Just look at all the things you do to help others, Connie. This is just part of your nature and animals sense these things, just as humans do. Keep spreading that healing energy, my friend. This would have made a wonderful entry for Brenda's contest. Love, Carolyn
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Devonshire Avatar
Carolyn Devonshire
Date: 12/17/2018 11:16:00 AM
I hope your daughter's family enjoys their cruise and return safely to spend Christmas with you. Your prize is supposed to arrive today.
Marcum Wong Avatar
Connie Marcum Wong
Date: 12/10/2018 1:40:00 PM
Thank you Carolyn....I just got busy and didn't get this posted in time. My daughter and family are on a seven day cruise, our gift for family, and I need to feed their cat and fish and keep her plants alive daily. Happy holidays my dear friend! : ) xxoo