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A Chance Conversation At Osmers Hill 1999 Part 1

Poet's Notes

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This is part of a true encounter of which I will post the remainder later this evening.'

thank you for reading.' I will post any updates as it might occur if I find enough time I

may be able to find Jeremy Hughes again God willing, I was spurred to re-search my

reccollections after phoning the new scientist editor and he could not recall a Mr Senior

working there I found on a land search there was an owner named Mr Senior but it was

way before my encounter and conversation recorded above.'

On a typical English day late June Joe travelled the above country road, his buisness was in the construction field, and this day he was estimating work as per customer enqiriy, this being the case he would at times make himself known to neighboring property owners; to make more effective use of his time, that is what brought him before the door on which he was about to knock.' after he had done so he looked around him and inwardly noted how swiftly time ran away.. The early morn had been quite full of sunshine, yet now as he watched he saw grey clouds low on the horizon, so there could be some rain; that would have an unwanted effect on his days plans no doubt' just then his attention was brought back to the house door before him, he heard the unmistakable sound of it being opened then, as he looked on a grey headed and bespectcaled gent appeared perhaps in his late sixtys? his chin was shadowed by two days growth of soft stubble, hello can I be of help was his friendly opening remark' I was rather hoping to be of help to you countered Joe, at this he proffered a buisness card, then by way of further introduction said my name is Joe, I'm formulating estimates for work pending on other local properties, and wondered if you have things that may need attention? 'No thank you' replied the housholder; however I will hold onto this card as there are things, it depends on when I am able to move in that area, yes agreed Joe' I could see there was a definite need, he did not elabourate further.' yet he thought a coat of paint at least woud not go amissfor a start.. Joe could see he was about to close the door, at that he felt he had something he should mention surfacing in the back of his mind so to say.'been here long? Joe said, I have been here over 28 years said the man , retired asked Joe? Oh no replied the man I am a writer by proffession, any books I have heard of said Joe? well not as such the man answered I write articles for a magazine called the new scientist, Oh remarked Joe reflectivley.' you see dear reader; Joe had been involved in a full Gospel Church movement for a few years by now, in the course of this time he had been aquainted with street preaching in a support and prophetic role, he had been invited to preach yet had said he would rather speak to scientific people; one on one rather than to a crowd on the reality & relevance of God in human lives; should he get the oppertunity .' Well could this be that oppertunity? Or could this be sheer coincidence? Then just hold on a minute.' Would the old guy think him absoulutly mad? would he waste time.. Could he be jeopordising any future custom? then again there had been no work done here in 20 years.. What could he lose.? Oh what the heck he would give it a go.. but this was a guy who had written for years in a science magazine, now it came to it it was a daunting thought.! Neverthless he remembered being advised that when the others preached, they just let the Lord take over; however he had all that time ago envisaged how he would start, he reasoned the Lord could after all take over at any point, 'if He was interested?' Right he addressed the man I have always been interested in the scientific view on things he opened, would you mind if I asked you a few questions? No of course not ask away said the man.' 1st question, who was the first man to describe the earth as a circle susended in the heavens? the mans face became concentrated' Gallilao I would say. No I seem to remember being Isaiah said Joe' who the old prophet said the man? most strange thought Joe.. He was aware of the name' most strange indeed, look I could be telling you anything said Joe, I happen to keep the Bible in my vehicle do you mind if I bring it so we can check? no replied the old guy, with that Joe dashed off to his vehicle which was parked nearby on the only spot available only inches from the passing traffic, which had been concerning him all the time he was talking, still at least on this country rd the traffic was infrequent' he retrieved his Bible and was soon back with the man, thanks for being patient he said, then they looked through to Isaiah ch 40 verse 22 now remember this book is one of those found in the dead sea scrolls said Joe, the wording here is exact with the words of those that have been in the possesion of Isreal througout thousands of years, so contrary to what has been said regarding things being altered, as Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away before one jot falls out of this book of law, that was well before the scrolls were found. The man nodded again now going back to my first question, accepted wisdom at one point, was the world was flat it was only Christopher Columbus's circumnavigating the earth that showed that the earth was a globe or circle, proving this book correct.' Now there's something else said Joe what happens when a piece of cloth begins to wear out? well first little lumps appear on the surface then it becomes thin then a hole appears said the man, right said Joe, lets go to Hebrews chapter 1 verses 10 th 12.' and Isaiah chapter 40 verse 22.' there He refers to stretching out the heavens as a tent or a garment, now a tent and indeed a garment is to protect people from the elements yes? yes agreed the man, would you say that the ozone layer does the same task? yes said the man.' is it wearing out said Joe? yes said the man.' yet throughout the 1950s 60s & 70s the scientific view was that the earth and its resources could never wear out.' So where do these guys come up with such an advanced view of the world? I mean they were writing on papyrus, etching on stone & wax tablets, the wheel was the biggest new thing there were certainly no observatorys to pop out to or microbiology labs to use yet the bible is where we are advised to wash our hands before eating, yes was the mans only response.'

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