Up For The Day

When I woke up early and rose up with the lark,
I was up so darned early, skies remained dark,
But being happy I rose up to greet the new day,
So after my breakfast I was soon up and away.
As I drove up the road to my working place,
Thought a cheery smile would light up my face.
When a sign “Danger - Road Up - Detour ahead”
Was seen, I was forced to back up and do as it said.
Until a copper waved me up the detour side street.
Though, I thought it unusual, to see one up on his feet!
But soon the wind blew up and the day turned damp,
As I locked up my car at the bottom of the “up” ramp.
Next, when riding the lift up to the office that's mine,
I was met by the concierge with a thumbs up sign!.
After greeting him, and arriving up at the fourth floor
I entered the room that had my name up on the door.
 I next opened up the mail, brought up for me to read,
And perked up a coffee, for being up tight, I’d a dire need,.
As it seems someone had messed up an order last week
And the customer - now up in arms - would not speak
With juniors whom he said, had screwed up his day!
So picking up the phone I rang him up to say
I was sorry for the mess up, but hoped we could make up,
And we'd quickly straighten up this annoying hicc-up.
At this news, he brightened up and said he quite agreed,
For to be up in the air over this?  Why, there was no need.
Then with nothing further to up-set me, I put up my feet
And feeling up beat called up my wife to suggest we meet
Up someplace shortly and together we'd go up town to eat
Perhaps somewhere up to date but quiet, cosy and up beat?
Suggested up-wards of four places where we might enjoy a meal
Or I could pick up “take out” - whatever?  It was no big deal,
The decision was up to her.  On saying we should meet up town
I immediately rose up and shut up my office, then went down.
To head up the corridor, where I made my way out the door.
For I was fed up with work for the day, and wanted  no more!
Yes, we met up town as arranged where I ordered up drinks
Then we raised up glasses and drank up to all dumb office finks!
After we eaten up our meal, we rose up to take our leave
I paid up the bill.  The price?  It was hard to believe!
So when my wife asked me ‘what's up?’ ‘why do you fret?’
With my credit card up to max, me up to my eyes in debt
I blew up!  I was way up past my limit; credit over extended
And was up past a level, which was far more than intended!
But my wife said for me to cheer up despite the cost
As up to then the meal had been good all was not lost!
So we picked up our coats and stepping up the pace
We headed off up the road far from that “up market” place.
Once cars were parked and locked up we went up the stairs.
After we rose up from our knees - we'd offered up prayers,
But stayed up half the night, making up for lost time
But that's a tale I’ll offer up in a much later rhyme!
So the up-shot was the day ended in an up tempo way
So now putting up my pen I’ll shut up,  There's no more to say!

Rhymer March 8th, 2017

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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