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Bubbles and My Utopia

Early in the morning, I dutifully sat down, as Dragon thoughts began to swirl.
I was entering my Utopia, as Dragon from around my legs did slowly unfurl.
I sent him out to blow bubbles, for the early birdies… within to fly and whirl.
I would write a Dragon story… with a poem, fable, adventure, or comical twirl.

Then, in walked my adult boy child with a cup of java in his enveloping hands.
He would sooo, try to add reality into my world, or at least, try as hard as he can.
“Writing about me again?” he said. “You know Dragon is definitely about me!”
Here within, I answered, “He’s every man and child, as seen in his crazy antics!”
But would my adult boy child acknowledge this? No! Never! So very definitely!
“He’s younger than you,” I said. Look he has a bubble machine held in his hand.
“Now that’s something you never had!” I told him… Being so defiant, to the end.
“Hah! Hope they’re Baby Shampoo Bubbles, for they might get in the birdies eyes.

Not letting him see, I wrote that down. Then tried to get back to my Utopian guise.
I sent Dragon to fill the birdbath, so his friends could in a bubble bath, gently soak.
My son again interceded, “What will they drink?” when they are done there…
“The lake is right over there,” I began to fussily answer to my adult boy child!

Then wondered when he had grown up so much, to have left fantasy, so far behind.
Ah, but give him another year or two, and he would again be right there by my side.
His second childhood couldn’t be, very far ahead, my Hubby did definitely agree. 
He is our child, after all. Tho he takes after his Grandma A Lot! Reality explicitly!

But, as my child when off to play, while on his vacation, his serial video games…
I knew there was still hope aplenty; after all, at 25 year old, they were still games.
So as Dragon went off to help the penguins, up into their birdbath… bubble bath…
I went back to my Utopia, to actually write about my son, as he’d complained about.

 Hah, Hah… For so long… at long last.

Written 3-26-2017 For Tim Smith with thoughts on how fast…our children grow up.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 3/27/2017 5:54:00 PM
Oh this is great Carol...thank you so much
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