Nestled in that starless night
of emptiness that knew no bounds
aware of nought but my spirit's flight
in that void where no sounds
for there were none that could be heard
and none that could be made
no soul to speak a single word
for there were no words to be said
and not a thought to touch upon
there in that eternal night
and there no stars, no not one
and not a beam of light
for what was there, no not much
but emptiness to feel and touch
not even emptiness itself as such
there was not even up nor down
no left no right, there was no ground
to rest upon in that dark sky
had held me for eternity
within a womb of empty thought
and companions none, no there were nought
but I alone in this dark abyss
lay in a state of eternal bliss
far from the woes that now I know
for in that place twill not allow
any poisoned seed of pain to grow
but in that pleasant state I lay
in wait for all eternity
just as a seed that cannot die
that floats upon a boundless sky
where no celestial bodies fly
in orbital around the sun
for suns and stars no there were none
but there I lay in peace alone
alone with nothing to perceive
no thoughts and nothing to believe
yet I aware in this dark sea
one single thing , the pulse, the heart of me
I feel the beat, my steady breathing
a rising warmth within me seeming

No nothing but this certainty
i know no thing but know that I-
one splinter of eternity.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 7/16/2017 7:21:00 PM
I have been there too. I call it the upper room, where God makes his presence known. It is a real joy for me to read your poem today. Love and hugs, Catie :-)
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