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10,000 Steps And A German Sheperd

On a cool winter morn just before 8 AM, I decided to take my walk on an 'L-shaped street' that's about 2 blocks long with three culdesacs connected to it.  Coming out of my final culdesac and nearing completion, I moved steadily along with a focused and engaged brain making calculations and conversions of feet, steps, and miles, having been made aware that an optimum walk consists of 10,000 steps.  By the way, I have walked at least 10,000 steps when my car broke down, but presently have no plan for walks of 10,000 steps.

As I was saying, within 50 feet I would be turning and walking back toward my home and experiencing a non-eventful morning.  But non-eventful was a very desirable treat but not to be. As I approached the end of the block, a large German Shepherd came running toward me and a momentary fear besieged me causing my pacemaker equipped heart to skip a beat.  I credit the Lord for granting me the better judgment to face my fright and not panic.  Without a tag, collar, or any identifying sign, somehow the shepherd had gotten out and was roaming the neighborhood. To my pleasant surprise, he was a harmless and most friendly dog. I continued my same pace of walking as he followed along beside me occasionally running ahead and returning back to my side.  I neither touched nor showed him any affection, and he was fine with that.

When I reached my house he stayed with me until a neighbor pulled up.  He then ran up the driveway to the pickup and waited for the driver to exit.  She stayed inside the vehicle until I moved in a little closer hoping to reassure her that she was not alone and that the dog was harmless.  She then got out and shared our introduction to a friendly dog.  He lingered with her for a while, and realizing that it was not safe for the large dog to be on the street, I called the authorities to report what appeared to be a stray dog.

The animal control person finally showed up hours later by which time the rightful owner had retrieved her dog. All was well and ended well, and I will not soon forget my unusual morning walk in which I encountered what turned out to be a friendly dog whose owner was our kind neighbor a few doors down.

Moreover, I shall not forget my rapid and momentary fright that fled as quickly as it appeared.  Realizing the general nature of animals who love to chase, although the dog was harmless, things might have been different had I panicked and ran.  
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Date: 2/3/2018 10:53:00 AM
Being the owner of a, Brussels Griffon, I enjoyed reading your work. Thanks 4 sharing.
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