You Cant Run Away From It - Lyrics by CC. Catch

Big yellow taxi, bring him back to me
Big yellow taxi, love's guaranteed
I know she's a venus in blue jeans.
But know, she's a queen of broken dreams.
Come on hold me!
I'll be your lady!

You can't run away from it!
We are nightbirds in the street.
You can save your heart!
If you break apart
You can lose my heart a bit,
You can't run away from it!
Can't you hear, babe, my heartbeat?
You can see the chance
For a new romance,
You can run away from it!.

Big yellow taxi, you let the four winds blow
Big yellow taxi, love will come and go
Two rounds, my babe, don't make it right
Whose hearts are just breaking just tonight?
Come on, hold me - I'll be your lady.

You can't run away!
You can't run away!
You can see your next!.