Symptoms Of The New Society - Lyrics by Human Remains

from the total way of lifebecame the obliterationof ita bomb created just to stealthe precious lives who lived itthe first step was the third warand the invention of the new genocidea genocide thought by mostas just a safety precautionbut the inventor thought of its purpose wellit was to bring a total mass hysteriabut broke havoc into the calmest of menand so began the symptoms of the new societyyou will see your death coming neither painless or harmless- symptoms are showing -you not far from the real, true pains of death- symptoms are showing -lymph nodes expanding from the sides of your neck- symptoms are showing -induced sickness but from vomit your blood- symptoms are showing -skin starts peeling, cracking to show your veins- symptoms are showing -choking on the organs you tried to vomit up- symptoms are gone -after death there is no restthe corpses rise to start their feastpulling tendons from the victim's neckfrom those they wish to eatafter two days the infected arisemutilating children feeding on their criesfear creates hunger hunger brings deathonce infected like the others no restrivers of blood flow in the streetsmutilated bodies, hands and feetintestines and guts decorate the wallsscrotums ripped open revealing your ballschewing out teeth ripping out lungsdeveining of arms dismemberment of tonguesimpaling your corpse on the gates of a churchyour second life an immortal searchsymptoms - of - the - new society