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Spiritual Immolation - Lyrics by Sinister

Surrounded by darknessthe unholy house deceitkeeper of the pylonswith dimensions to sinister worldsmalicious labyrinthharbour of the unholy altarbeholder of the ritualkeeper of my spiritual destiny
Tribulation - desecrationimmolation - my salvation
This bottomless pitgate to the eternal bounds of darknessprodigal light where demons lodgeemptiness filled with sadistic lustvindictive crypts - chasm of agonysmell of burning skin fills the air
Mortals burning at the crossmy ritual has beguneating out the innardscrushing genitals on the altardisemboweled cauterizeddecapitated bodies
Tribulation - desecrationimmolation - my salvation
The altar surrounded by lustpleasant violent carnage ritecraving for infernal cryptsgive credit to evildisposed of my mortal skinmy spirit re-unites with eternal darkness