In The Dutch Mountains - Lyrics by The Nits

I was born in a valley of bricks
Where the river runs high above the rooftops.I was waiting for the cars coming home late at night -
From the Dutch mountains.I was standing in a valley of rock
Up to my belly in an early fog.I was looking for the road to a green painted house -
In the Dutch mountains.
In the Dutch mountains- mountains -.I met a woman in a valley of stone
She was painting roses on the walls of her hame.
And the moon is a coin with the head of the queen -
Of the Dutch mountains; in the Dutch mountains.I lost a button of my shirt today
It fell on the ground and it was rolling away.
Like a trail leading me back to the Dutch mountains
To the Dutch mountains- mountains -.I met a miller on the back of a cow
He was looking for the windbut he didn't know how.I said: "
Follow the cloud that looks like a sheep" -
In the Dutch mountainsin the Dutch mountains
In the Dutch mountainsin the Dutch mountains.- Mountainsmountainsmountainsmountainsmountains-- Buildingsbuildingsbuildingsbuildingsmountains. -