Im Sorry - Lyrics by Hot Chocolate

Tonight let's forgive and forgetdarlingcome closer let me hold yo
In my eyes can't you see how I love you
I never wanted to hurt you.
Say the things that I saiddon't look at me nowlike it's all overgirl.I'm sonysorry
Come closer to me now
Let's love the tears away
Things that I say.

Shouldn't hurt you
That way.
I'm sorrysorry
Darlinglet me hold you
Never let you go.

Cirlyou should know

That words can't come
Between you and me.

Tonight lets start it all overlet's talk it over
And put it right. I know how much I've hurt you
Butbabyyou're foolish to think it's over
Nothing can stop me saying forever.
I'm sorrysorrycome closer to me now. . .
I'm sorrysorrycome closer to me now. . .

I'm sorrysorry.