Im Sorry - Lyrics by Christina Milian


Im so sorry

Verse 1:

Boy we've been cool for so long now
Just left and throw that away
Thinkin' that we would be lovers
But I dont look at you that way
Im sorry

I gotta go away cause I didnt mean to leave you
You say I broke your heart, but I didnt mean to leave you
And It's hard to hear the truth
And Im feelin' that cause you loved me
Im sorry

Verse 2:

You got a wife and a family
I wouldent throw that away
Im not the type of girl to break up a happy home
Even though we could be friends
But it seems fair

Chorus 2x's


What did I do
Tell me what did I do
I didn't try to
I didnt wanna hurt you

Reapet bridge 1 more time