Here Comes The Weekend - Lyrics by Jam, The


If we tell you that you've got two days to live
Then don't complain, 'cos that's one more than you'd get in zaire -
So don't hang around and be foolish
Do something constructive with your weekend -
From monday morning i work for friday nights
Collect my wages, then try to paint on the smell of soap -
'cause tonight i get ready early
Score what i need and go pick a girl up
It seems like ages since we had some fun -
Here comes the weekend - i get to see the girls
Long live the weekend, the weekend is here
(the weekend starts here)
Everything feels right now
I know why i'm alive now
Everything else is a lie now
Now i know why i'm here
Here comes the weekend - i'm gonna do my head
Long live the weekend, the weekend is dead