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Cross The Styx - Lyrics by Sinister

Rise into the elder worldthe burning purgatorydeadly cosmic terrorthe lowest depths of hell
I signed the book of bloodby will - now that's a factmarked by the numbersof predominancelead me to the path of perfect celebration
I've been reborn in a world of consumption
Arisen in blasphemymutilation I needconsume souls eternalyfor my torment they will bleed
Realm of darkthronenetherworld of doomcruel horned spiritseverlasting ghouls
Flowen from the depthsdark horned mutationsmillion tied up soulsinfernal slaves of manipulation
Cross the Styx
I call on theeblind idiot god of chaosgoat with a thousand younggod of perfection
Cross the Styx
Pumping the agony through my veinsas perpetual pleasure it enters my brainswallow the lunatics of god's creationtheir tumors create a sacrificial lustgrime crippled putrescent infantsmelted and fused by demonical abcessesreincarnation of perfectionbehind the forbidden sinister gates
Souls drowned in the blood of Obliviongradded in the stream of the inflicted abcesszymotic slime of substracted skininto damnation tortured infinity