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Act V - Tears Of Sorrow Sadness
Awake... Thy Angels Of Sorrow Graveworm
Beginning Of Sorrow Suffocation
Blanket Of Sorrow Jason And The Scorchers
Blue Trail of Sorrow Alison Krauss
Bruised Orange (chain Of Sorrows) John Prine
Ceaseless Sorrow Exhumation
Days Of Sorrow Mekong Delta
Dont Interrupt The Sorrow Joni Mitchell
Drawings Of Sorrow Tek Noir
Drowning In Sorrow Inner Thought
Drowning My Sorrows Johnny Hates Jazz
Everything Is Sorrow Boo Radleys, The
Farewell Mr. Sorrow All About Eve
Feel The Strain Of Sorrow Never Ceasing Beck
Fountain of Sorrow Jackson Browne
Girl Of Mysterious Sorrow Marc Cohn
Harvester of Sorrow Metallica
Heart Full of Sorrow House of Pain
In Bitterness And Sorrow Crown Of Thorns
In Joy And Sorrow Him
In Joy and Sorrow H I M-
In Joy And Sorrow H.I.M.
In My Time Of Sorrow Faithfull Marianne
In My Time Of Sorrow Marianne Faithfull
In Praying Sorrow Ever Dark
In Sorrow Acid Death
In Sorrows Tide Bay Laurel
King Of Sorrow Sade
Last Cup of Sorrow Faith No More
Life - Another Shape Of Sorrow Dismember
Life - Another Snape Of Sorrow Dismember
Little Miss Sorrow Roxette
Man of Constant Sorrow Rod Stewart
Man of Constant Sorrow Bob Dylan
Man Of Sorrows Dickinson Bruce
Man Of Sorrows Bruce Dickinson
Mirror Of Sorrow Solitude Aeturnus
Mirror Or Sorrow Solitude Aeturnus
Mistress Of The Bleeding Sorrow Dissection
Moonrise Fields Of Sorrow Immortal
Oh Sorrow Oh Shame Odds
One For Sorrow Steps
Our Lady Of Sorrow Bread
Pack Up Your Sorrows Peter, Paul & Mary
Painted Sorrows Proximity
Part Two The Carrier Of Sorrow Transforms Peccatum
Pilgrimage Of Sorrow Saturnus
Private Sorrow Pretty Things
S. F. Sorrow Is Born Pretty Things