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Famous Torn Asunder Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Torn Asunder poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous torn asunder poems. These examples illustrate what a famous torn asunder poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by St Vincent Millay, Edna
Or do ye languish? Can ye die?
Must all go under?—
How shall we heal without your help a world
By these wild horses torn asunder?
How shall we build anew? — How start again?
How cure, how even moderate this pain
Without you, and you strong?
And if ye sleep, then waken!
And if ye sicken and do plan to die,
Do not that now!

Hear us, in what sharp need we cry!
For we have help nowhere
If not in you!
Pity can much, and so a mighty mind, but cannot all things do!—
By you fors...Read more of this...

by Untermeyer, Louis
...still the sparks
Fly from the iron sinews,... till the marks
Of fire and belching thunder fill the dark
And, almost torn asunder, one falls stark,
Hammering upon the other!...
What clamor now is born, what crashings rise!

Hot lightnings lash the skies and frightening cries
Clash with the hymns of saints and seraphim.
The bloody limbs thrash through a ruddy dusk,
Till one great tusk of Behemot has gored
Leviathan, restored to his full strength,
Who, dealing fierc...Read more of this...

by Betjeman, John

Get down from me! I thunder there, 
You spaniels! Shut your jaws! 
Your teeth are stuffed with underwear, 
Suspenders torn asunder there
And buttocks in your paws! 

Oh whip the dogs away my Lord, 
They make me ill with lust.
Bend bare knees down to pray, my Lord, 
Teach sulky lips to say, my Lord, 
That flaxen hair is dust....Read more of this...

by Yeats, William Butler
...rought midnight and dawn and day.

Oisin. Saint, do you weep? I hear amid the thunder
The Fenian horses; atmour torn asunder;
Laughter and cries. The armies clash and shock,
And now the daylight-darkening ravens flock.
Cease, cease, O mournful, laughing Fenian horn!

We feasted for three days. On the fourth morn
I found, dropping sea-foam on the wide stair,
And hung with slime, and whispering in his hair,
That demon dull and unsubduable;
And once more to a...Read more of this...

by Lawrence, D. H. for what is lost,
The same cry from the tortoise as from Christ, the Osiris-cry of abandonment,
That which is whole, torn asunder,
That which is in part, finding its whole again throughout the universe....Read more of this...

by Milosz, Czeslaw
...l illuminate
a liberated flora and fauna
where oak forests reclaim
the postindustrial wasteland
and the blood of a deer
torn asunder by a pack of wolves
is not seen by anyone
a hawk falls upon a hare
without witness
evil disappears from the world
and consciousness with it
Of course, dear Tadeusz,
evil (and good) comes from man....Read more of this...

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