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Famous Thick And Thin Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Thick And Thin poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous thick and thin poems. These examples illustrate what a famous thick and thin poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...ow she’s floating down the Nith,
 And past the mouth o’ Cairn.

Peg Nicholson was a good bay mare,
 An’ rode thro’ thick and thin;
But now she’s floating down the Nith,
 And wanting even the skin.

Peg Nicholson was a good bay mare,
 And ance she bore a priest;
But now she’s floating down the Nith,
 For Solway fish a feast.

Peg Nicholson was a good bay mare,
 An’ the priest he rode her sair;
And much oppress’d and bruis’d she was,
 As priest-rid cattle are,—&c...Read More

by Prelutsky, Jack
for when you were obliged to sneeze,
your brain would rattle from the breeze.

Your nose, instead, through thick and thin,
remains between your eyes and chin,
not pasted on some other place--
be glad your nose is on your face!...Read More

by Browne, William
...a beech, thence to a row of ashes;
Whilst through the quagmires, and red water plashes,
The boys run dabbling thorough thick and thin;
One tears his hose, another breaks his shin,
This, torn and tatter'd, hath with much ado
Got by the briars; and that hath lost his shoe;
This drops his band; that headlong falls for haste;
Another cries behind for being last;
With sticks and stones, and many a sounding holloa,
The little fool, with no small sport, they follow,
Whilst he, from...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington
And I have seen so much of good in him
That other men have shared and have not seen, 
And I have gone so far through thick and thin, 
Through cold and fire with him, that now it brings 
To this old heart of mine an ache that you 
Have not yet lived enough to know about.
But even unto you, and your boy’s faith, 
Your freedom, and your untried confidence, 
A time will come to find out what it means 
To know that you are losing what was yours, 
To know that you are being ...Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...on't you know the name of Dunn of Nevertire? 
Big Dunn of Nevertire, 
Long Jack from Nevertire; 
He stuck to me through thick and thin, Jack Dunn of Nevertire. 

`I did a wild and foolish thing while Jack and I were mates, 
And I disgraced my guv'nor's name, an' wished to try the States. 
My lamps were turned to Yankee Land, for I'd some people there, 
And I was right when someone sent the money for my fare; 
I thought 'twas Dad until I took the trouble to enquire, 
A...Read More

by Hardy, Thomas
...tintless pains 
To glorify the Lord. 

I squared the broad foundations in 
Of ashlared masonry; 
I moulded mullions thick and thin, 
Hewed fillet and ogee; 
I circleted 
Each sculptured head 
With nimb and canopy. 

I called in many a craftsmaster 
To fix emblazoned glass, 
To figure Cross and Sepulchure 
On dossal, boss, and brass. 
My gold all spent, 
My jewels went 
To gem the cups of Mass. 

I borrowed deep to carve the screen 
And raise the ivoried Rood; ...Read More

by Swift, Jonathan
To make it seem in this disguise
A cabinet to vulgar eyes;
For Strephon ventured to look in,
Resolved to go through thick and thin;
He lifts the lid, there needs no more:
He smelt it all the time before.
As from within Pandora's box,
When Epimetheus oped the locks,
A sudden universal crew
Of humane evils upwards flew,
He still was comforted to find
That Hope at last remained behind;
So Strephon lifting up the lid
To view what in the chest was hid,
The vapours flew fro...Read More

by Finch, Anne Kingsmill
Excuses 'twas agreed to send,
Which plausible might prove: 

That Pegasus of late had been 
So often rid thro' thick and thin,
With neither Fear nor Wit;
In Panegyrick been so spurr'd 
He cou'd not from the Stall be stirr'd,
Nor wou'd endure the Bit. 

Melpomene had given a Bond, 
By the new House alone to stand,
And write of War and Strife;
Thalia, she had taken Fees,
And Stipends from the Patentees,
And durst not for her Life. 

Urania only lik'd the Choice...Read More

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