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Famous Suspected Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Suspected poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous suspected poems. These examples illustrate what a famous suspected poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...s the poacher-court
 The hale affair.

Some auld, us’d hands had taen a note,
That sic a hen had got a shot;
I was suspected for the plot;
 I scorn’d to lie;
So gat the whissle o’ my groat,
 An’ pay’t the fee.

But by my gun, o’ guns the wale,
An’ by my pouther an’ my hail,
An’ by my hen, an’ by her tail,
 I vow an’ swear!
The game shall pay, o’er muir an’ dale,
 For this, niest year.

As soon’s the clockin-time is by,
An’ the wee pouts begun to cry,
Lord, I’se...Read More

by Frost, Robert

"I guess you'd find the fountain just as empty.
And anyway this tells me where I am.”

"Hadn't you long suspected where you were?"

"You mean miles from that Mormon settlement?
Look here, you treat your guide with due respect
If you don't want to spend the night outdoors.
I vow we must be near the place from where
The two converging slides, the avalanches,
On Marshall, look like donkey's ears.
We may as well see that and save the day."

"Don't donk...Read More

by Patmore, Coventry
..., in sweet thought
And glittering will,
So freshly from the garden gather still
The lily sacrificed;
For ye,though self-suspected here for nought,
Are highly styled
With the thousands twelve times twelve of undefiled.
Gaze and be not afraid
Young Lover true and love-foreboding Maid.
The full Moon of deific vision bright
Abashes nor abates
No spark minute of Nature's keen delight,
'Tis there your Hymen waits!
There wher in courts afar, all unconfused, they crowd,
As fu...Read More

by Southey, Robert
...reported of one Donica, that after she was dead, the Devil walked
in her body for the space of two years, so that none suspected but that
she was still alive; for she did both speak and eat, though very
sparingly; only she had a deep paleness on her countenance, which was
the only sign of death. At length a Magician coming by where she was
then in the company of many other virgins, as soon as he beheld her he
said, "fair Maids, why keep you company with the dead Virgin w...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew threat, 
Up from the other world his flame he darts, 
And princes (shining through their windows) starts, 
Who their suspected counsellors refuse, 
And credulous ambassadors accuse. 

`Is this', saith one, `the nation that we read 
Spent with both wars, under a captain dead, 
Yet rig a navy while we dress us late, 
And ere we dine, raze and rebuild their state? 
What oaken forests, and what golden mines! 
What mints of men, what union of designs! 
(Unless their ships, ...Read More

by Atwood, Margaret is your story;
you remember it from being sixteen,
when the others were out somewhere, having a good time,
or so you suspected,
and you had to baby-sit.
You took a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream
and filled up the glass with grapejuice
and ginger ale, and put on Glenn Miller
with his big-band sound,
and lit a cigarette and blew the smoke up the chimney,
and cried for a while because you were not dancing,
and then danced, by yourself, your mouth circled with purple.Read More

by Swift, Jonathan
...t my Lord Shrewsbury's,
Such a thing as this happened, just about the time of gooseberries."
So I went to the party suspected, and I found her full of grief:
(Now, you must know, of all things in the world I hate a thief:)
However, I was resolved to bring the discourse slily about:
"Mrs Duke," said I, "here's an ugly accident has happened out:
'Tis not that I value the money three skips of a louse:
But the thing I stand upon is the credit of the house.
'Tis true, seve...Read More

by Milton, John
...m to be the second in that realm 
Of Pharaoh: There he dies, and leaves his race 
Growing into a nation, and now grown 
Suspected to a sequent king, who seeks 
To stop their overgrowth, as inmate guests 
Or violence, he of their wicked ways 
Shall them admonish; and before them set 
The paths of righteousness, how much more safe 
And full of peace; denouncing wrath to come 
On their impenitence; and shall return 
Of them derided, but of God observed 
The one just man alive; b...Read More

by Milton, John the second in that realm 
Of Pharaoh. There he dies, and leaves his race 
Growing into a nation, and now grown 
Suspected to a sequent king, who seeks 
To stop their overgrowth, as inmate guests 
Too numerous; whence of guests he makes them slaves 
Inhospitably, and kills their infant males: 
Till by two brethren (these two brethren call 
Moses and Aaron) sent from God to claim 
His people from enthralment, they return, 
With glory and spoil, back to their promised la...Read More

by Milton, John
...this new-declared,
This man of men, attested Son of God,
Temptation and all guile on him to try—
So to subvert whom he suspected raised
To end his reign on Earth so long enjoyed:
But, contrary, unweeting he fulfilled
The purposed counsel, pre-ordained and fixed,
Of the Most High, who, in full frequence bright
Of Angels, thus to Gabriel smiling spake:—
 "Gabriel, this day, by proof, thou shalt behold, 
Thou and all Angels conversant on Earth
With Man or men's affairs, how I b...Read More

by Dryden, John
...more than they need;
And every man will make himself a creed:
In doubtful questions 'tis the safest way
To learn what unsuspected ancients say:
For 'tis not likely we should higher soar
In search of Heav'n, than all the Church before:
Nor can we be deceiv'd, unless we see
The Scripture, and the Fathers disagree.
If after all, they stand suspected still,
(For no man's faith depends upon his will;)
'Tis some relief, that points not clearly known,
Without much hazard may be ...Read More

by Taylor, Ann
...tongue and few brains are connected? 
That they are supposed to think least who talk most, 
And their wisdom is always suspected? 

While Lucy was young, had she bridled her tongue, 
With a little good sense and exertion, 
Who knows, but she might now have been our delight, 
Instead of our jest and aversion?...Read More

by McGonagall, William Topaz propose,
And for it he paid one crown,
The finest, he thought, in London town. 

When Smiggs bought the goose
He suspected no harm,
But a naughty boy stole it
From under his arm. 

Then Smiggs he cried, "Stop, thief!
Come back with my goose!"
But the naughty boy laugh'd at him,
And gave him much abuse. 

But a policeman captur'd the naughty boy,
And gave the goose to Smiggs,
And said he was greatly bother'd
By a set of juvenile prigs. 

So the naughty boy w...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew
...ight to threat,
Up from the other World his Flame he darts,
And Princes shining through their windows starts;
Who their suspected Counsellors refuse,
And credulous Ambassadors accuse.
"Is this, saith one, the Nation that we read
"Spent with both Wars, under a Captain dead?
"Yet rig a Navy while we dress us late;
"And ere we Dine, rase and rebuild our State.
"What Oaken Forrests, and what golden Mines!
"What Mints of Men, what Union of Designes!
"Unless their Ships, do...Read More

by Aiken, Conrad
What music moves so silently in your mind?
Your bright hand turns the page.
I watch you from my window, unsuspected:
You move in an alien land, a silent age . . .

. . . The poet—what was his name—? Tokkei—Tokkei—
The poet walked alone in a cold late rain,
And thought his grief was like the crying of sea-birds;
For his lover was dead, he never would love again.

Rain in the dreams of the mind—rain forever—
Rain in the sky of the heart...Read More

by Aiken, Conrad
...g days forgotten, moods exhausted,
Corners in sunlight, puddles reflecting stars—;
Until, of a sudden, and least of all suspected,
The thing resolved itself: and I remembered
An April afternoon, eight years ago—
Or was it nine?—no matter—call it nine—
A room in which the last of sunlight faded;
A vase of violets, fragrance in white curtains;
And, she who played the same thing later, playing.

She played this tune. And in the middle of it
Abruptly broke it off, letting...Read More

by Field, Eugene
...lected his work; therefore that nagging at Peter!

Peter got hold of some books--how, I'm unable to tell you;
Some have suspected the witch--this is no place for suspicions!
It is sufficient to stick close to the thread of the legend.
Nor is it stated or guessed what was the trend of those volumes;
What thing soever it was--done with a pen and a pencil,
Wrought with a brain, not a hoe--surely 't was hostile to farming!

"Fudge on all readin'!" they quoth; or "that's what'...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
Is best disclosed by Danger
Or quick Calamity --

As Lightning on a Landscape
Exhibits Sheets of Place --
Not yet suspected -- but for Flash --
And Click -- and Suddenness....Read More

by Jonson, Ben
...ine, his hours and youth abuse, Get him the time's long grudge, the court's ill will ; And reconcil'd, keep him suspected still. Make him lose all his friends ; and, which is worse, Almost all ways to any better course. With me thou leav'st an happier muse than thee, And which thou brought'st me, welcome poverty : She shall instruct my after-thoughts to write Things manly, and not smelling parasite. But I repent me : stay — Whoe'er is raise...Read More

by Milligan, Spike
...There will be a time when it will end. 
Be it parting 
Be it death 
So each passing minute with you 
Pendulummed with sadness. 
So many times 
I looked long into your face. 
I could hear the clock ticking....Read More

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