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Famous Suppressed Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Suppressed poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous suppressed poems. These examples illustrate what a famous suppressed poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Tebb, Barry
...shers who kept scowling at her and she kept snapping

Back at them and I said, "There seems to be a problem to do

With suppressed anger, I feel" and even my own son, somewhat

Unrelaxed but a genuine Old Etonian nonetheless, looked a bit

Embarrassed at the kerfuffle, but he kept standing by me wearing

His tails and perhaps it was this that finally sent the young

Men on their way and I managed to get her out for a breath

Of fresh air in the street and eventually we found ...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...r -- frown?

Pity -- the Pard -- that left her Asia --
Memories -- of Palm --
Cannot be stifled -- with Narcotic --
Nor suppressed -- with Balm --...Read More

by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler long, cold sleep, 
Throws from her breast the coverlet of snow, 
Revealing Spring's soft charms which lie below.
Suppressed emotions in each heart arise, 
The wooer wakens and the warrior dies.
The bird of prey is vanquished by the dove, 
And thoughts of bloody strife give place to thoughts of love.

The mighty plains, devoid of whispering trees, 
Guard well the secrets of departed seas.
Where once great tides swept by with ebb and flow
The scor...Read More

by Browning, Robert brain, during the course of
a couple of centuries.)

[Molay was Grand Master of the Templars
when that order was suppressed in 1312.]



The Lord, we look to once for all,
Is the Lord we should look at, all at once:
He knows not to vary, saith Saint Paul,
Nor the shadow of turning, for the nonce.
See him no other than as he is!
Give both the infinitudes their due---
Infinite mercy, but, I wis,
As infinite a justice t...Read More

by Swinburne, Algernon Charles
The fire and force that filled with ardent light
The souls whose shadow is half the light we see,
Survive and be suppressed not of the night;
This hour should show what all day hid from me.IV

Night knows not, neither is it shown to day,
By sunlight nor by starlight is it shown,
Nor to the full moon's eye nor footfall known,
Their world's untrodden and unkindled way.
Nor is the breath nor music of it blown
With sounds of winter or with winds of May.V

But h...Read More

by Jeffers, Robinson
...eality. Before sunrise a hawk in
 the desert made them their thoughts.

Here is an anxious people, rank with suppressed
 bloodthirstiness. Among the mild and unwarlike
Gautama needed but live greatly and be heard, Confucius needed
 but live greatly and be heard:

This people has not outgrown blood-sacrifice, one must writhe on
 the high cross to catch at their memories;
The price is known. I have quieted love; for love of the people
 I would not do it. ...Read More

by Milton, John
To ask; nor let thine own inventions hope 
Things not revealed, which the invisible King, 
Only Omniscient, hath suppressed in night; 
To none communicable in Earth or Heaven: 
Enough is left besides to search and know. 
But knowledge is as food, and needs no less 
Her temperance over appetite, to know 
In measure what the mind may well contain; 
Oppresses else with surfeit, and soon turns 
Wisdom to folly, as nourishment to wind. 
Know then, that, after Lucife...Read More

by Watts, Isaac
...actious band,
Shall hide their heads or quit the land;
And all that break the public rest,
Where I have power, shall be suppressed....Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...e soul's expansion 
Shall we behold her face. 

And though at times impetuous with emotion 45 
And anguish long suppressed  
The swelling heart heaves moaning like the ocean  
That cannot be at rest ¡ª 

We will be patient and assuage the feeling 
We may not wholly stay; 50 
By silence sanctifying not concealing  
The grief that must have way....Read More

by Browning, Robert
...Out in fire the strong pain of pent knowledge: but I fainted not,
For the Hand still impelled me at once and supported, suppressed
All the tumult, and quenched it with quiet, and holy behest,
Till the rapture was shut in itself, and the earth sank to rest.
Anon at the dawn, all that trouble had withered from earth---
Not so much, but I saw it die out in the day's tender birth;
In the gathered intensity brought to the grey of the hills;
In the shuddering forests' held brea...Read More

by Ashbery, John
At least confuse issues by means of an investing
Aura that would corrode the architecture
Of the whole in a haze of suppressed mockery,
Are beside the point. They are out of the game,
Which doesn't exist until they are out of it.
It seems like a very hostile universe
But as the principle of each individual thing is
Hostile to, exists at the expense of all the others
As philosophers have often pointed out, at least
This thing, the mute, undivided present,
Has the j...Read More

by Service, Robert William' day; it's most amazin' hair";
An' when he looked at it that night, he shuddered with despair.
He shuddered an' suppressed a cry at what his optics seen --
For on my word of honour, boys, that hair wuz growin' green.

At first he guessed he'd get some dye, an' try to dye it black;
An' then he saw 'twas Nemmysis wuz layin' on his track.
He must jest face the music, an' confess the thing he done,
An' pay the boys an' Guinneyveer the money they had won.
An' t...Read More

by Schiller, Friedrich von
The dragon in his blood lay dead,
While round me grouped my squires all stood."

The joyous shouts, so long suppressed,
Now burst from every hearer's breast,
Soon as the knight these words had spoken;
And ten times 'gainst the high vault broken,
The sound of mingled voices rang,
Re-echoing back with hollow clang.
The Order's sons demand, in haste,
That with a crown his brow be graced,
And gratefully in triumph now
The mob the youth would bear along
When, lo! t...Read More

by Browning, Robert
...d since that morning,
And with them all my head's adorning.
Nor did the old Duchess die outright,
As you expect, of suppressed spite,
The natural end of every adder
Not suffered to empty its poison-bladder:
But she and her son agreed, I take it,
That no one should touch on the story to wake it,
For the wound in the Duke's pride rankled fiery,
So, they made no search and small inquiry---
And when fresh Gipsies have paid us a visit, I've
Noticed the couple were never inquis...Read More

by Schiller, Friedrich von
...the Son of the Virgin appeared in the world
For the sins of mankind to atone.
The fugitive lusts of the sense were suppressed,
And man now first grappled with thought in his breast.

Each vain and voluptuous charm vanished now,
Wherein the young world took delight;
The monk and the nun made of penance a vow,
And the tourney was sought by the knight.
Though the aspect of life was now dreary and wild,
Yet love remained ever both lovely and mild.

An altar of ho...Read More

by Browning, Robert
...ack to its proper size again, and smoothing
Distortion down till every nerve had soothing,
And all lay quiet, happy and suppressed.


How soon all worldly wrong would be repaired!
I think how I should view the earth and skies
And sea, when once again my brow was bared
After thy healing, with such different eyes. 
O world, as God has made it! All is beauty:
And knowing this, is love, and love is duty.
What further may be sought for or declared?


Gue...Read More

by Lawrence, D. H.
...w it stirs like a subtle stoat, whatever she thinks!

And often I see her clench her fingers tight
And thrust her fists suppressed in the folds of her skirt; 
And sometimes, how she grasps her arms with her bright
Big hands, as if surely her arms did hurt. 

And I have seen her stand all unaware 
Pressing her spread hands over her breasts, as she
Would crush their mounds on her heart, to kill in there 
The pain that is her simple ache for me. 

Her strong hands take m...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...right eyes.
     Permit me first the task to guide
     Your fairy frigate o'er the tide.'
     The maid, with smile suppressed and sly,
     The toil unwonted saw him try;
     For seldom, sure, if e'er before,
     His noble hand had grasped an oar:
     Yet with main strength his strokes he drew,
     And o'er the lake the shallop flew;
     With heads erect and whimpering cry,
     The hounds behind their passage ply.
     Nor frequent does the bright oar break...Read More

by Hardy, Thomas
...tertide we’d heard the gloomy gun 
Growl through the long-sunned day
From Quatre-Bras and Ligny; till the dun 
Twilight suppressed the fray; 

Albeit therein—as lated tongues bespoke— 
Brunswick’s high heart was drained, 
And Prussia’s Line and Landwehr, though unbroke,
Stood cornered and constrained. 

And at next noon-time Grouchy slowly passed 
With thirty thousand men: 
We hoped thenceforth no army, small or vast, 
Would trouble us again.

My hut lay deeply in a v...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
 'Neath the white moon, or on some pool's face played. 
 Perchance one heard, faint in the plain beneath, 
 The kiss suppressed, the mingling of the breath; 
 And the two sister cities, tired of heat, 
 In love's embrace lay down in murmurs sweet! 
 Whilst sighing winds the scent of sycamore 
 From Sodom to Gomorrah softly bore! 
 Then over all spread out the blackened cloud, 
 "'Tis here!" the Voice on high exclaimed aloud. 
 From a cavern wide 
 In...Read More

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