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Famous Supping Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Supping poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous supping poems. These examples illustrate what a famous supping poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Tebb, Barry and

Hawing and blowing their noses into

Huge white handkerchiefs and set pint mugs

On the wall, not drinking but supping, wetting

Their whiskers and drying them off

On braided sleeves.


Erich Fromm you’d know what I mean,

The blow was not my cold mother but the move

From the streets and Bruno Bettleheim,

Your idea of mataplets would fit

Margaret and me to a tee.


My father you were deaf, then dead,

Hurling the words you could not hear

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by Service, Robert William
...he soiling of Mother Earth.

Then one day motoring past his cottage,
The hovel in which he had been born,
I saw him supping a mess of pottage,
on the sill door, so fail forlorn.
Thinks I: I'll give him a joy that's thrilling,
A spin in my open Cadillac;
And so I asked him, and he was willing,
And I installed him there in the back.

en I put the big bus through its paces,
A hundred miles an hour or more;
And he clutched at me with ***** grimaces,
(He's never been i...Read More

by de la Mare, Walter
...Giles -- 
On the shingle sat, 
Gazing at Turvey's 
Floating hat. 
But never a ripple 
Nor bubble told 
Where he was supping 
Off plates of gold. 
Never an echo 
Rilled through the sea 
Of the feasting and dancing 
And minstrelsy. 
They called -- called -- called; 
Came no reply: 
Nought but the ripples' 
Sandy sigh. 
Then glum and silent 
They sat instead, 
Vacantly brooding 
On home and bed, 
Till both together 
Stood up and said: -- 
'Us knows not, dreams no...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...rotest—I know all, and expose it. 

Behold, through you as bad as the rest, 
Through the laughter, dancing, dining, supping, of people,
Inside of dresses and ornaments, inside of those wash’d and trimm’d faces, 
Behold a secret silent loathing and despair. 

No husband, no wife, no friend, trusted to hear the confession; 
Another self, a duplicate of every one, skulking and hiding it goes, 
Formless and wordless through the streets of the cities, polite and bland in t...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...So every Sunday, shaved and shined, he'd make the fine occasion
To call upon the lady, and she'd take his and coat;
And supping tea it seemed that she might yield to his persuasion,
But alas! he hadn't counted on that devastating goat.

For Shamus loved his master with a deep and dumb devotion,
And everywhere that Casey went that goat would want to go;
And though I cannot analyze a quadruped's emotion,
They said the baste was jealous, and I reckon it was so.
For every...Read More

by Kipling, Rudyard
...ethe in insatiate appetite,
 Through putrid offal, while--above
 The hissing blow-fly seeks his love,
 Whose offspring, supping where they supt,
 Consume corruption twice corrupt....Read More

by Turner Smith, Charlotte
...While, half forgetful of his simple task,
Hardly his length'ning shadow, or the bells'
Slow tinkling of his flock, that supping tend
To the brown fallows in the vale beneath,
Where nightly it is folded, from his sport
Recal the happy idler.--While I gaze
On his gay vacant countenance, my thoughts
Compare with his obscure, laborious lot,
Thine, most unfortunate, imperial Boy!
Who round thy sullen prison daily hear'st
The savage howl of Murder, as it seeks
Thy unoffending l...Read More

by Browning, Robert
...e snails
Tempted out by this first rainy weather,— 
Your best of regales,
As tonight will be proved to my sorrow,
When, supping in state,
We shall feast our grape-gleaners (two dozen,
Three over one plate)
With lasagne so tempting to swallow
In slippery ropes,
And gourds fried in great purple slices,
That colour of popes.
Meantime, see the grape-bunch they've brought you,— 
The rain-water slips
O'er the heavy blue bloom on each globe
Which the wasp to your lips
Still foll...Read More

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