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Famous Superlative Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Superlative poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous superlative poems. These examples illustrate what a famous superlative poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Smith, Stevie
..., couples, buries,
He is an animal also
With a hey ho melancholy,
Away with it, let it go.

Man of all creatures
Is superlative
(Away melancholy)
He of all creatures alone
Raiseth a stone
(Away melancholy)
Into the stone, the god
Pours what he knows of good
Calling, good, God.
Away melancholy, let it go.

Speak not to me of tears,
Tyranny, pox, wars,
Saying, Can God
Stone of man's thoughts, be good?
Say rather it is enough
That the stuffed
Stone of man's good, gro...Read More

by Butler, Ellis Parker
...ed with her;
I'll be a better man."

'Twas at the wedding of a friend
(He married Kate St. Clair)
That I became superlative,
For I was "best man" there....Read More

by Lowell, Amy
...rivolous tune
Which he felt to be pulsing with ecstasy,
For he thought that success always followed desire,
Such a very superlative fool was he.
A maiden came by on an ambling mule,
Her gown was rose-red and her kerchief blue,
On her lap she carried a basket of eggs.
Thought the fool, "There is certainly room for two."
So he jauntily swaggered towards the maid
And put out his hand to the bridle-rein.
"My pretty girl," quoth the fool, "take me up,
For to ride w...Read More

by Edgar, Marriott
...ide stood, 
And, as nobody wanted to go either place, 
Well, the trade wasn't any too good. 

One evening, to Ted's superlative surprise, 
Three customers came into view: 
A Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom it were,
And Albert, their little son, too. 

"How much for the three?" Mr Ramsbottom asked,
As his hand to his pocket did dip.
Ted said: "Same for three as it would be for one, 
Per tuppence per person per trip." 

"You're not charging tuppence for that little lad?" ...Read More

by Crane, Stephen
...e sea was blue meadow,
Alive with little froth-people

To the sailor, wrecked,
The sea was dead grey walls
Superlative in vacancy,
Upon which nevertheless at fateful time
Was written
The grim hatred of nature....Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...few --
Eternity -- obtained -- in Time --
Reversed Divinity --

That our ignoble Eyes
The quality conceive
Of Paradise superlative --
Through their Comparative....Read More

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