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Famous Stubbornly Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Stubbornly poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous stubbornly poems. These examples illustrate what a famous stubbornly poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Mayakovsky, Vladimir
...terror of terrors ¨C 
my face 
am absolutely calm? 

I feel 
my ¡°I¡± 
is much too small for me. 
Stubbornly a body pushes out of me. 

Who¡¯s speaking? 
Your son is gloriously ill! 
His heart is on fire. 
Tell his sisters, Lyuda and Olya, 
he has no nook to hide in. 

Each word, 
each joke, 
which his scorching mouth spews, 
jumps like a naked prostitute 
from a burning brothel. 

People ...Read More

by Homer,
...among the deathless gods. Yet no one was able to persuade her mind and will, so wroth was she in her heart; but she stubbornly rejected all their words: for she vowed that she would never set foot on fragrant Olympus nor let fruit spring out of the ground, until she beheld with her eyes her own fair-faced daughter.

[Line 334] Now when all-seeing Zeus the loud-thunderer heard this, he sent the Slayer of Argus whose wand is of gold to Erebus, so that having won over ...Read More

by Desnos, Robert's an island that turns aside when ships pass.
Far from me a calm herd of cattle takes the wrong path, pulls up stubbornly at the
edge of a steep cliff, far from me, cruel woman.
Far from me, a shooting star falls into the poet's nightly bottle.
He corks it right away and from then on watches the star enclosed in the glass, the
constellations born on its walls, far from me, you are so far from me.
If you only knew.
Far from me a house has just been bui...Read More

by Lowell, Amy
...he smooth-clipped 
grass. The days went by
Threaded with talk and verses. Green 
leaves pushed Through blossoms stubbornly.
Gervase, unconscious of dishonesty,
Fell into strong and watchful loving, free
He thought, since always would his lips be hushed.

But lips do not stay silent at command, And 
Gervase strove in vain to order his.
Luckily Eunice did not understand That he but read himself 
aloud, for this
Their friendship would have snapped. ...Read More

by Lowell, Amy
...woman, and slaps 
out a curse
at the eagle. The sword jumps in the hot sky, and the 
worm crawls on
to the battle, stubbornly.
This is the war of wars, from eye to tail the serpent 
has one cause:
PEACE!...Read More

by Verhaeren, Emile
Deep in the skies.

In a few boats alone there gleam
Lamps that light up and magnify
The backs, bent over stubbornly,
Of the old fishers of the stream,
Who since last evening, steadily,
—For God knows what night-fishery—
Have let their black nets downward slow
Into the silent water go.
The noisome water there below.

Down in the river's deeps, ill-fate
And black mischances breed and hatch.
Unseen of them, and lie in wait
As for their prey. And these...Read More

by Verhaeren, Emile
...f those long larches, bending low
Where the marsh-water lies,
In which Its vacant eyes
Gaze at themselves unceasing, stubbornly.
Only sometimes, as on their way they move,
The noiseless shadows of the clouds above.
Or of some great bird's hov'ring flight on high,
Brush It in passing by.

Since the last bolt that scored the earth aslant,
Nothing has pierced the Silence dominant.

Of those who cross Its vast immensity,
Whether at twilight or at dawn it be,
The...Read More

by Plath, Sylvia;
Their smiles catch onto my skin, little smiling hooks.

I have let things slip, a thirty-year-old cargo boat
Stubbornly hanging on to my name and address.
They have swabbed me clear of my loving associations.
Scared and bare on the green plastic-pillowed trolley
I watched my teaset, my bureaus of linen, my books
Sink out of sight, and the water went over my head.
I am a nun now, I have never been so pure.

I didn't want any flowers, I only wanted
To...Read More

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